After a Day on the Trail

Today’s Photo: After a Day on the Trail

Several weeks ago, I made a trip to the top of Pine Mountain in the Pine Mountain Recreation area in Cartersville.  After we finished that trip, we made a stop at the Etowah Indian mounds and then coffee and yogurt.  I was sitting and relaxing when I looked down at my glasses on the table.  Couldn’t pass up the shot.

Charnell Jackson Garage

Today’s Photo: Charnell Jackson Garage

I found this little building on a recent trip from Calhoun Georgia to Rome Georgia.  I guess I had just put blinders on for all the years that I drove this road, but this is the first time that I had noticed this building.  I did not have time to stop in the morning and made these shots in the afternoon.  I am sure this shop has seen better days, on the other hand, I liked the way the vines were taking over the old tractor.  It makes you wonder if the tractor was put there for show, or just never got fixed when the garage shut down.

A Roaming Gnome

Today’s Photo: A Roaming Gnome

I took my kids to spend a couple hours exploring Smith Gilbert Gardens in Kennesaw Georgia.  One of the highlights of our trip was the scavenger hunt for places that Hootie Owl had been photographed.  One of the places we found that Hootie had been photographed was near a Rose Compass and in the middle I found this little gnome.  I think he was trying to decide which way to go.

Amicalola Falls

Today’s Photo: Amicalola Falls

I spent the afternoon hiking all around Amicalola Falls State Park.  Home of the highest cascade east of the Mississippi and a doozy of a hike from the bottom to the top.  The last time I visited this park, there was a trail to the base of the falls with a platform to enjoy the falls from the bottom and then a short set of stairs to a platform at the top of the falls.  I was not ready for the set of stairs connecting the two.  Wow, what a walk, but well worth the views.

Moon in the Middle of Nowhere

Today’s Photo: Moon in the Middle of Nowhere

The Pacific Northwest has to be one of the prettiest places that I have visited.  Since I am not from that area, I lump Idaho into the Pacific Northwest.  If I offend anyone… Sorry.  That does not take away from it’s beauty though.  This shot is from just outside Idaho City, Idaho.  I took a quick drive there one afternoon.  I know I should not have been, but I was surprised by how fast you go from urban to rural.  I guess being from near one of the largest cities in the United States, I have a sort of twisted perspective.  When we go from downtown and travel an hour, you are still in a major suburban setting with very few pockets of rural.

Lenny's Sub Shop

Today’s Photo: Lenny’s Sub Shop

When I am out taking photos, I have a tendency to forget to eat.  It’s not that I’m not hungry, it’s that there are too many other important things going on and I don’t have time.  One evening walking around the Market Square and Downtown in Knoxville, we decided to make a quick stop at this little hole in the wall sandwich shop.  I am bad about trying to find these types of shops.  Sometimes they are good and sometimes they are bad.  This one happened to be great.  I recommend it to anyone in the Knoxville area.

Empty Streets

Today’s Photo: Empty Streets

Just before Christmas was the Night of Lights in Jasper Georgia.  It is the annual tree lighting and it is a fairly large event.  However, it was extremely cold this year and people were only around for just a little while.  That made for some empty streets at the end of the event.

Cartersville Cotton Fields

Today’s Photo: Cartersville Cotton Fields

I was exploring the other afternoon and pulled into a side road just to turn around.  I did not notice the name, but my wife did and told me to just keep driving down the road.  The road name ended in “mine” and she thought it may turn out to be an interesting drive.  We did not find any cool mines, but we did find some unpicked cotton fields from last years crop.  I wonder why these were not picked? The rest of the field was.

Evening at the Barn

Today’s Photo: Evening at the Barn

I was headed home the other evening after it had rained nearly all day.  The clouds were still pretty thick but had some big breaks between and lots of sun.  They were moving quickly across the sky and the bright patches of sunlight flew across the fields.  I stopped and tried several times to capture the bright and dark patches and ended up making it to this barn.  I thought it looked good in the early evening light.

The Railroad Bridge

Today’s Photo: The Railroad Bridge

This is probably my favorite photo from my stay in Knoxville last fall.  This was from my second adventure into downtown and my goal was to make it to the Sunsphere and the Worlds Fair Park.  This is the railroad bridge that runs through the park and over Cumberland Avenue.

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