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Tennessee Veterans Cemetery

Today’s Photo: Tennessee Veterans Cemetery

Unfortunately, I did not get to spend Halloween with the kids.  So, I decided to entertain myself and spend it in a Cemetery.  I have gotten rather good at finding these small veterans cemeteries and have begun to get intrigued by them.  This one, I found on the south end of Knoxville Tennessee sitting around a small, quiet hill amidst bustling streets.  Although there was lots of traffic at the bottom of the hill, there was almost no noise from it.  It was good to spend some quiet time among these Hero’s.

A Horse in the Morning

Today’s Photo: A Horse in the Morning

Most of the farm animals around here are cows and chickens, so I don’t get to see horses up close that often.  There are just a couple pastures where they get close to the road.  I was fortunate one day last week to get several close to the road.  I was impressed by the curiosity of this one.  Most of them just turn tail and walk off, but this one just kept trying to get closer.

The Sinks

Today’s Photo: The Sinks

Having a large portion of my family come from East Tennessee, it is not unusual for us to make trips though the Great Smoky Mountains.  One of the places my Dad talks of growing up is the Little River and the Sinks.  It happens to be a great place to stop when driving through the mountains, but be careful as it is extremely dangerous.

Frozen Curtains

Today’s Photo: Frozen Curtains

At least all the cold weather provided a little fun with the camera.  There are several roads that follow the base of cliff’s near home and with all the rain and cold, there were some pretty big icicles.  Just a short way down the road is a seasonal waterfall.  After taking this photo, I decided to climb to the top and see the icicles there.  Probably not the brightest idea I have ever had, but I found the top of the waterfall.

New Providence Presbyterian Church

Today’s Photo: New Providence Presbyterian Church

Back in the fall, my family and I took a trip out to Cades Cove and the Great Smoky Mountain National Park.  We made the trip through Maryville, Tennessee.  I could not help but stop for a few shots of this church.


I was checking on some of the visitors of the site yesterday and noticed some traffic from  I had looked at the site a while back and did not explore much further, but took a big interest in it this time.  After a few minutes, I was intrigued by all the different stories and links just thrown out there.  If you are looking for random thoughts on just about any topic, it can be found on reddit.

An Empty Bridge

Today’s Photo: An Empty Bridge

This is a small foot bridge along the Tennessee River in Knoxville.  I took this late one evening after waiting around on the Gay Street bridge for the sunset.  There was so little foot traffic on the greenway beside the river that getting this shot was not that difficult.  I love the peace an quite on a night like this one was.

Drift Wood

Today’s Photo: Drift Wood

North Georgia is full of very beautiful streams.  I found this piece of drift wood gracing the bank of one.  After all the rain lately, I am sure it has made a new home downstream.

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Today’s Photo: Woodbridge

This is the bridge across the railroad tracks in Jasper that leads to the Woodbridge Inn.  When I was out for the Night of Lights, I found that they had Christmas Lights making a tunnel across the bridge.

Northwest View, Blood Mountain</strong

Today’s Photo: Northwest View, Blood Mountain

Christmas Day, I made the hike up Blood Mountain to the summit.  We hiked from the parking lot near Neals Gap, up the Byron Reese Trail then along the Appalachian Trail.  I started bundled like little Mikey from “The Christmas Story”, but by the time we make it to the Appalachian Trail, I was in jeans and a t-shirt.  That did not last long when we reached the summit and then stopped by the trail shelter.  This shot was taken on top of the rock beside the shelter and the wind was blisteringly cold coming up the mountain.

Acworth Health Park

Today’s Photo: Acworth Health Park

I was driving through north Cobb County and ran across this beautiful building.  It is in a random spot with nothing else large around it.  I could not think of why there would be anything of this caliber in the area.  Then I remembered that I grew up near here several decades ago and surely there are more people living in this part of the county now.  By the time I made it to this shot, I could hardly feel my fingers.

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