From the monthly archives: "February 2014"

Clinging to the Edge

Today’s Photo: Clinging to the Edge

There are very few bridges that do not make good photo subjects.  I guess this has to do with the engineer that makes the bridge.  There is a lot of thought that goes into the engineering other than just the ability to support weight over long distances.  Not only have I been enthralled by the spans themselves, but also the details that have gone into them and then the additional details that were not planned.  This little plant clinging to the side of an support stood out.

The Quiet Bench

Today’s Photo: The Quiet Bench

Yesterday, we had about 3 – 4 inches of new snow.  It was the heavy, stick to everything, make the power go out type of snow.  So, what did I do?  Grab the camera and go shoot, of course.  With the power out, the aerator in the lake had turned off and the water was calm.  It was nice, quite and peaceful out taking photos.  I just love the way the snow silences most sound.  If I had not been having so much fun with the camera, I would have gotten a cup of coffee and sat on the bench.

Oh, and Happy Valentines Day.

Banana Fun

Today’s Photo: Banana Fun

After taking some photos of the heart shaped banana peel the other day, I found it made some other quite interesting shapes and patterns.  This was one of the shots.  Lesson learned here is that I need to have everything set up before peeling the banana.  It starts to turn brown too fast.


Today marks the 1000th post and just shy of 3 years.  I have made it with very few missed days and lots of fun times and experiences.  It has been a pleasure to share my adventures with all of you.

Just a Little Snow

Today’s Photo: Just a Little Snow

Okay, the last couple weeks have been crazy.  It was so cold a couple weeks ago that the lake had about 2 inches of ice on it.  I briefly thought of walking on it and then thought how stupid that would be.  Now we had 3 inches plus of snow yesterday and expecting 3 – 5 inches more and ice.  I took this while it was still snowing yesterday.  Just wish it had been a few degrees cooler.

Mountain Stream

Today’s Photo: Mountain Stream

You never know when you will find a nice mountain stream to take photos of.  This shot was along one of the trails to the top of Blood Mountain on the Appalachian Trail.  On the way up, the light was horrible.  However, on the way down, the light was not too bad.  It had set behind the ridge line this flows down and caused some good soft light.

Great Smoky Mountains

Today’s Photo: Great Smoky Mountains

Driving through Cades Cove, there is no shortage of stunning vistas.  This was one looking back into the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains.  The ridge line in the distance is where the Appalachian Trail traverses the park.

Art Under the Sunsphere

Today’s Photo: Art Under the Sunsphere

One evening in Knoxville, I went exploring and had some company.  We drove around for a little while before we found a parking garage beside Market Square and settled on starting there.  As soon as we got out of the car and began walking, I found this shot.  Initially, I was trying to get the sunset with the Sunsphere.  After a few minutes the sunset colors began to fade and I was left with this captivating scene.  I was explaining HDR and good situations to use it.  This was perfect with the bright interior of the building and the comparatively dark streets.

Fog Over the Creek

Today’s Photo: Fog Over the Creek

I was driving by Salacoa Creek the other day when I noticed a thick fog near the tops of the hills.  I was hoping for more fog over the creek, but I was still pleased with what I found.  The forecast and conditions lately are making for lots of water in the creek.  I can’t wait for it to get warm so that I can get in the water for some shots.

Barbed Wire

Today’s Photo: Barbed Wire

While I was out in the snow the other day, I stopped to take some photos of a couple of horses.  They posed for me for one or two shots.  Then this barn in the snow captured my attention.  It’s always a work in progress when you are on a farm.  The roll of barbed wire on the fence made me think of all the things I needed to do at home.  Glad I was able to take a few minutes before getting back to reality.  Which, of course, included some sledding with the kids.

Winter Creek

Today’s Photo: Winter Creek

Fortunately for me, the snow stayed a little longer near the creeks than most elsewhere.  It gave me an extra morning to go explore.  So, I took a time lapse of the sunrise and then took a walk around one of the creeks near home.  I have been eying this small cascade and adding snow just made it better.

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