From the monthly archives: "April 2014"

Lenny's Sub Shop

Today’s Photo: Lenny’s Sub Shop

When I am out taking photos, I have a tendency to forget to eat.  It’s not that I’m not hungry, it’s that there are too many other important things going on and I don’t have time.  One evening walking around the Market Square and Downtown in Knoxville, we decided to make a quick stop at this little hole in the wall sandwich shop.  I am bad about trying to find these types of shops.  Sometimes they are good and sometimes they are bad.  This one happened to be great.  I recommend it to anyone in the Knoxville area.

Empty Streets

Today’s Photo: Empty Streets

Just before Christmas was the Night of Lights in Jasper Georgia.  It is the annual tree lighting and it is a fairly large event.  However, it was extremely cold this year and people were only around for just a little while.  That made for some empty streets at the end of the event.

Cartersville Cotton Fields

Today’s Photo: Cartersville Cotton Fields

I was exploring the other afternoon and pulled into a side road just to turn around.  I did not notice the name, but my wife did and told me to just keep driving down the road.  The road name ended in “mine” and she thought it may turn out to be an interesting drive.  We did not find any cool mines, but we did find some unpicked cotton fields from last years crop.  I wonder why these were not picked? The rest of the field was.

Evening at the Barn

Today’s Photo: Evening at the Barn

I was headed home the other evening after it had rained nearly all day.  The clouds were still pretty thick but had some big breaks between and lots of sun.  They were moving quickly across the sky and the bright patches of sunlight flew across the fields.  I stopped and tried several times to capture the bright and dark patches and ended up making it to this barn.  I thought it looked good in the early evening light.

The Railroad Bridge

Today’s Photo: The Railroad Bridge

This is probably my favorite photo from my stay in Knoxville last fall.  This was from my second adventure into downtown and my goal was to make it to the Sunsphere and the Worlds Fair Park.  This is the railroad bridge that runs through the park and over Cumberland Avenue.

The Little Mound

Today’s Photo: The Little Mound

Several weeks ago, I took the kids on a hike in the Pine Mountain Recreation Area in Cartersville Georgia.  After we finished there, we still had enough time to make a quick stop at the Etowah Indian Mounds.  This shot is from the tallest one looking down on the smallest mound of the three.

Raspberry PI Projects:

The past few weeks I have been working diligently on a project for my Raspberry PI computer.  I have been setting it up as a web server to operate a switch which can be used for anything that you want to turn on and off.  Finally, I have finished and it is operational.  My next projects for it are to make a stepper motor and camera controller for time-lapses.  Maybe I won’t pursue it in such an all encompassing way.

The Good Life

Today’s Photo: The Good Life

This little house sits on a small lake near the edge of Calhoun Georgia.  I was surprised when I saw it the other day.  It is along a road that I had driven hundreds of times before.  It reminds me of a little cabin in the middle of nowhere and many summer nights sitting on the porch watching the rain.

The Fall Gate

Today’s Photo: The Fall Gate

Well, actually winter, but it could have been fall.  I found this taking a different route home in between the massive snow storms that we had this winter.  From what I have heard, there is supposed to be more cold weather.  Not snow mind you, but much colder than normal.  Even though the sky was bland this day, I was still able to find this nice pasture to frame the gate.

Snowy Wonderland

Today’s Photo: Snowy Wonderland

Today is April Fools day.  I was going to participate in a cruel joke today, but thought better of it.  So, to those of you out there enjoying today, just remember, the joke may be on you.  This shot is definitely not a joke.  I could not make up this much snow.  There was so much that I got to spend quite a while this winter in the cold.  My thoughts go out to those north of here that are still getting snow.

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