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Light Globes

Today’s Photo: Light Globes

I have this spot in my kitchen / dining room that I have taken over.  I put lights along it and try to change them with the seasons.  These are from last spring / summer.


So, I have been so busy for the last few months that I have had to set aside the daily posts.  I haven’t set aside the camera, I just have not had the time at home to edit and upload the photos.  Here we go again.  There may not be any writing with them, but I know most just come to view the photos anyway.

Don't Climb Here

Today’s Photo: Don’t Climb Here

I took the kids to the Tennessee Railroad Museum and had a fun hour climbing all over the trains.  They don’t have too many there.  It seems they are focused more on taking rides on the train, but the small amount of engines and cars for us to climb on did not stop us from enjoying it.

The Blue Door

Today’s Photo: The Blue Door

Occasionally driving around, I find something that I have need to stop and take a photo of because it is compelling to me.  That was how I ran across these teal painted doors the other day.  I actually was attracted to the building because the huge painted billboard on the side and then saw these near the back of the building.  I could not pass up the contrasting colors and I really like the old weathered look.

Fireworks Over Lake Allatoona

Today’s Photo: Fireworks Over Lake Allatoona

It has been several years since my schedule has allowed me to make it to the Allatoona Yacht Club fireworks display.  I made it to the shore of the lake a little later than I wanted and had to settle for a view further from the parking lot.  However, I was still able to get a good angle to watch the show and get a few good shots as well.

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