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Presents Under the Tree

Today’s Photo: Presents Under the Tree

It’s that time of year again.  The presents are snug under the tree.  It’s time to start baking some cookies and prepare for a day of reflection on what it’s all about.  It’s Christmas time again.

Night of Lights

Today’s Photo: Night of Lights

A couple weeks ago was the annual tree lighting in Jasper, Georgia.  What a cold and windy evening and night.  I hung around after everything was done and cleaned up to get a few shots of the Christmas lights downtown.  This is the small park on the north edge of downtown.  I’m not even sure it has a name, but it looks cool with all the lights none the less.

Christmas Lights on the Pavilion

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Today’s Photo: Christmas Lights on the Pavilion

Fairmount Georgia is not a large town by any stretch.  However, it still sports a small town square with a park.  Every December, it is decorated with Christmas lights.  They are not extravagant, but that is what drew me to them.  They are simple, but still manage to convey the beauty of Christmas.  This is the pavilion that sits in the middle of the park.

Green and Blue

Today’s Photo: Green and Blue

There are several areas of the Atlanta Botanical Gardens that I thought were pretty neat.  Well, all of it was neat.  I took this shot from the Twinkling Terrace, but you can see one of the great trees and the Orchestral Orbs in the background.  The rain was just right and left just enough water on the ground for the reflections.

A Fountain with Roots

Today’s Photo:  A Fountain with Roots

I was taking photos in the Gleaming Grove at the Atlanta Botanical Garden Light exhibit when the group of friends I was with abandoned me.  Now, when I get in the photography mode, I can’t say that I blamed them.  It was cold, starting to rain and they needed a break.  I finished in the Gleaming Grove and went to follow them into the Metro Fresh restaurant when I ran across this fountain.  I started by taking photos from the other side, but found this break in the water that showed the base of the fountain.  It looked like something growing from the rocks.

The Deer Fountain

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Today’s Photo:  The Deer Fountain

This fountain is located in the park in downtown Calhoun Georgia.  I thought is was neat how they had placed the deer standing along the side.  I was pleased with how the water turned into a slight fog rolling down the sides of the fountain.  There had been just a small amount of water on the ground when I began going through the park.  A few minutes after this, the bottom fell out and it started pouring.

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