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Fireworks Over Lake Allatoona

Today’s Photo: Fireworks Over Lake Allatoona

It has been several years since my schedule has allowed me to make it to the Allatoona Yacht Club fireworks display.  I made it to the shore of the lake a little later than I wanted and had to settle for a view further from the parking lot.  However, I was still able to get a good angle to watch the show and get a few good shots as well.

Jasper Fireworks

Today’s Photo: Jasper Fireworks

This year was the first time I went to see the fireworks in Jasper Georgia.  I can say that for a small town, I was impressed.  My guess is that we just had the perfect spot to watch from and good friends to share it with, but the fireworks were good too.

UT Football Fireworks

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Today’s Photo: UT Football Fireworks

The week before the University of Tennessee played Alabama, I was taking a walk around Knoxville.  I was taking photos around Neyland Stadium when I began hearing fireworks.  I made it to this spot just in time to get the last few minutes of the fireworks.  With the UT Football bus parked by the firework locations, I am assuming that it was a send off for the players, but I was never able to find out definitively. Talk about a fun run through the streets of Knoxville.  I’m just glad I did not get squished.

Fireworks Over Market Street

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Today’s Photo: Fireworks Over Market Street

It’s almost that time again.  Time for fireworks and celebration.  Two summers ago, I photographed the Fireworks display on Lake Allatoona and then last year, I went to both Lake Arrowhead and Chattanooga.  This is another shot I took while at Pops on the River in Chattanooga.  I think this year may be a return to Pops because it was so much fun last year.

Night Lights

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Today’s Photo: Night Lights

I am sitting here listening to it rain for the millionth time this year.  We are only a few months into the year.  All I can say is that I hope some of this is spread through out the summer also.  This shot is not of the rain, obviously.  This was from the fireworks show at Lake Arrowhead just north of Atlanta.  This one was a couple days before Pops on the River and a good chance to get some practice.  I had set up in what seemed like the most likely place, but learned that it was not as the show began.  I had to grab the camera and run to another location.  If I get to shoot this one again, I will chose my placement with a little better foresight.

The Watching Crowd

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Today’s Photo:  The Watching Crowd

I am not a crowd person.  If there are more than thirty people together, I get nervous.  It is not that I am claustrophobic or anything.  I mean, I kayak and go spelunking and never have a problem.  I think it has more to do with the crowd than …Continue Reading Here…

Pops on the River (Chattanooga Fireworks July 3, 2012)

Today’s Photo:  Pops on the River (Chattanooga Fireworks July 3, 2012)

Through out my many years, I have seen many fireworks shows.  Until this year, my favorite has been the Nashville July 4th display.  However, Pops on the River in Chattanooga has it beat by a long shot.  The only thing they did not have was …Continue Reading Here…

Lake Arrowhead Fireworks

Today’s Photo:  Lake Arrowhead Fireworks

The annual Lake Arrowhead Firework show was July 1st this year.  I was fortunate enough to make it and get a few shots.  Unfortunately, I did not get set up in time and then, where I set up was in the wrong place.  Just as the show was starting, I had to …Continue Reading Here…

Fireworks Mini Tutorial:

I have been getting a lot of requests for me to explain how I took a recent set of firework photos.  I am in the process of writing a full fledged tutorial with screen shots and post processing, but did not want anyone to wait for the “meat and potatoes”.  This should get you started so you at least have some photos.

1.  Location:  This year I had a lot of trouble deciding where to take firework photos.  This requires lots of research, Google Earth and good old fashioned asking.  Unfortunately, the last is where I took the short cut and almost lost.  Firework photos with just the fireworks can be found most everywhere.  It is the photo with more foreground in it that stands out.  Getting this on purpose requires lots of research on the location.

2.  Bring a tripod:  It is impossible to hold a camera perfectly still for 2 – 4 seconds.  Make sure the tripod is rated to hold the full weight of the camera.

3.  Focus:  Since most fireworks displays are just after sunset this is not hard to achieve.  Get in place before the sun goes down, let the camera auto focus in the area where the fireworks should be and then switch the auto focus off.  As long as you are not moving around, you should be able to get some crisp well focused shots.

4.  Manual Mode:  Because of the low light, you have to shoot in manual mode to make sure you get well exposed shots.  I used the following settings for most of these photos.

Shutter Speed:  I varied my shutter speed for these between 2 and 4 seconds.  I found that 3 seconds seemed to be the best for me.  trigger the shutter as soon as the firework is launched and that will give you the trail as well as the burst.

Aperture:  I used the 18 – 105 kit lens for my Nikon D90 and opened the aperture all the way (3.5) at 18mm.

5.  Check the shots:  Most firework shows are about 30 minutes long.  After the first ten or so shots, stop for a few seconds and scroll through them to make sure you have the settings right.

Now you have the photos, what to do with them.  I will address this in the upcoming fireworks tutorial.

Today’s Photo:  Another Firework Shot

This is another firework shot from the Allatoona Yacht Club’s July 4th celebration (actually on July 3rd this year).

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