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Barren Hills and Big Clouds

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Today’s Photo:  Barren Hills and Big Clouds

The one thing I love about the west is its vastness.  There is nothing small.  From the rivers to the mountains and even the clouds, they are all big.  For someone who grew up on the east coast and had never really been west of …Continue Reading Here…

South Capital Boulevard

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Today’s Photo:  South Capital Boulevard

Walking around Boise, I ran across this empty bench at the corner of South Capital Boulevard and Front Street.  I was trying looking to see if there was a good shot of the Capital area looking down this street, but did not find what …Continue Reading Here…

Another Cold Boise Forest

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Today’s Photo:  Another Cold Boise Forest

I spent several hours driving through the Boise National Forest.  When I started the drive out of Boise, the temperature was not that bad, in fact, I believe it was not even below freezing.  However, as I slowly wound my way up …Continue Reading Here…

Idaho Sunrise

Today’s Photo:  Idaho Sunrise

Several months ago, I spent a few days getting to explore Boise, Idaho.  Boise was not exactly what I had imagined.  It was flat and the wind was terrible.  It was not nearly as cold as I thought it should have been, which was not …Continue Reading Here…

The Path to Law

Today’s Photo:  The Path to Law

The legal system in the United States is based on the common law system of England.  However, the ultimate guidance for any law in the United States Constitution.  Each State in the Republic has the ability to make laws so long as they …Continue Reading Here…

6000 Feet

Today’s Photo:  6000 Feet

I spent a few days in Boise Idaho earlier this year.  I am always excited when I can make it past a mile up in the air without the help of wings.  I was able to do that once more traveling along the Bogus Basin Road.  I was worried when I started …Continue Reading Here…

Boise Rings

Today’s Photo:  Boise Rings

Downtown Boise Idaho has many different statues, memorials and art work.  I saw this from the top of the parking garage when I first got out of the car.  When I walked by it the first time, it looked cool.  However, when I got done exploring the …Continue Rading Here…

Light Trails

Today’s Photo:  Light Trails

Over the years, I have looked at a lot of photos.  Many of my favorite happen to be light trails of traffic.  I am never in the right place late enough at night to get any good shots like this.  While in Boise, I spent a little while at …Continue Reading Here…

805 Idaho Building

Today’s Photo:  805 Idaho Building

I was walking around Boise and ran across this building.  It was kinda out of the way from where I was going, but it beckoned me to it.  I think it may have been the glowing neon sign.  To me it …Continue Reading Here…

Bogus Basin Road

Today’s Photo:  Bogus Basin Road

This was perhaps the most interesting point of my trip to Idaho, the Bogus Basin Road.  The road begins near the north edge of downtown Boise and travels up, almost literally, into the Boise National Forest.  The drive was only 16 miles and I guessed …Continue Reading Here…

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