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Barfield General Store

Today’s Photo: Barfield General Store

You can find some of the most interesting things if you get off the beaten path.  I found this driving Highway 9 in Alabama.  Obviously, it has been around a long time.  Since 1893 according to the sign.  You can only imagine the history for which this building has been present.

Kehoe House

Today’s Photo: Kehoe House

Having someone with local knowledge is tons of fun.  Especially in a city like Savannah.  There were so many stories that I could not remember them all.  At least I got the location right for this one.  I think my guide said something about this place being haunted, but I remember that about all the places we went.

The Blue Door

Today’s Photo: The Blue Door

Occasionally driving around, I find something that I have need to stop and take a photo of because it is compelling to me.  That was how I ran across these teal painted doors the other day.  I actually was attracted to the building because the huge painted billboard on the side and then saw these near the back of the building.  I could not pass up the contrasting colors and I really like the old weathered look.

The Haunted Hospital

Today’s Photo: The Haunted Hospital

Among my many adventures in Knoxville, there were several walks along the Tennessee River.  One of those happened to be well after dark and to retrieve the car for me to go pick up my fellow explorers.  Unfortunately, it took me a few minutes more to make it to them than it could have.  I made a stop at Volunteer Landing to get a few shots of the Baptist Hospital that overlooks the river.  The hospital is no longer in use and reminds me of the set from a horror film.  Not that they scare me, but it was good to have several hundred feet of water to get some good reflections.

Art Under the Sunsphere

Today’s Photo: Art Under the Sunsphere

One evening in Knoxville, I went exploring and had some company.  We drove around for a little while before we found a parking garage beside Market Square and settled on starting there.  As soon as we got out of the car and began walking, I found this shot.  Initially, I was trying to get the sunset with the Sunsphere.  After a few minutes the sunset colors began to fade and I was left with this captivating scene.  I was explaining HDR and good situations to use it.  This was perfect with the bright interior of the building and the comparatively dark streets.


Today’s Photo: Sapphire

I ran into this restaurant along Gay Street in Knoxville.  I could not pass up the contrasting blues and orange.  I stood here for a while to get a shot without people in it.  This was one busy sidewalk and restaurant.

Country Store

Today’s Photo: Country Store

I drive through the Salacoa Valley on a regular basis and see this building.  I thought many times of stopping for a few shots, but never did.  That was until I got this shot.  The store is not open anymore, but it is maintained as you see it.  I miss seeing old country stores like this.

Ayers Hall, University of Tennessee

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Today’s Photo: Ayers Hall, University of Tennessee

Several days ago, I had the pleasure of making a trip to Neyland Stadium at the University of Tennessee.  Afterward, of course, I had to go exploring.  I had the idea of taking some photos from the observation deck of the Sunsphere.  Good idea until I made it to the observation deck.  It was night and the inside glass is tinted gold and very reflective.  However, on the walk, I went by Ayers Hall that sits atop “The Hill” at the University of Tennessee.

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