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The Leaf Redux

Today’s Photo:  The Leaf Redux

I finally had some time to process this other leaf photo that I took while in Chattanooga.  I still don’t know which I like better, but I think I am leaning toward this composition as apposed to the other Leaf.  Any opinions?  Please fell free to leave a comment.

Today’s Photo:  Another Star Time Lapse

I took this the other night with about a quarter moon.  Just a little light from the moon gave it the extra umph I thought.  For anyone who wants to try this, I shot it at ISO 3200, f 3.5, 18mm, 20 second exposure and then put it together with VirtualDub.  Just before this I shot an HDR time lapse of the sunset.  Talk about a bear to process.

Today’s Photo:  Snowy Night

I love the cold.  I love it even more when it snows.  There is just something cool (pun intended) about it.  Maybe it is just because we don’t get snow in the south much or because we don’t get the amount of snow from when I was little.  Whatever it is, I love the cold weather.  Now add to that night photography and you have a magical mix.  I used to live on the Cartecay River in North Georgia.  Across the river, our neighbor always had lights on at night.  I was able to capture this one night visiting my parents with the snow and the lights.  It looks like a winter carnival land with the lights reflecting off the snow.

I took a photo earlier in the day of the flag which hangs on the back deck: The Cold Flag.  And don’t miss last Saturday’s Daily Photo.

Snowy Night

I have been so busy yesterday that I only got a few photos.  This is a travesty for a weekend.  Especially for such a beautiful day.  Maybe tomorrow will bring better luck.

I am thinking of getting a couple of lenses soon.  I was thinking of a 50mm 1.4 or so and a some type of zoom lens larger than 200mm.  Does any one have a suggestion and why you like them?

Today’s Photo:  An Experiment in Light

This was an experiment in light from several years ago.  The bad part is, I was not able to recreate it.  I tried several times and made some very cool other stuff, but not this same effect.  It is amazing how different light affects the photo during low light photography.  I set the camera on a timed exposure, I think it was 30 seconds and walked with a speed light across the field of view.  Every few steps, I would fire the speed light manually.  I love to paint with light whenever I have time.  I know I am not the only person.

An Experiment in Light


Fortunately, I was able to find a firework show this year which was on Sunday, July 3.  It was on Lake Allatoona at the Allatoona Yacht Club.  I had almost decided to skip the event and just go to one Monday night.  I am SO glad I decided to go.  While sitting on the lake shore just on the other side of a small cove from where the Yacht Club is, I began seeing a large thunderhead moving near the lake.  I set the camera up and captured some bolts of lightning.  Not a good sign, maybe the rain was moving in.  I also got a few shots of the hundreds of boats lining the lake.

At 9 PM, the show was supposed to start.  9:02 PM and still no show, but no rain either.  And then, all the sudden, Fireworks.  I began taking photos and rapidly as the fireworks were going off.  I sat through about 30 minutes of beautiful fireworks.  What a sight.  The Alltoona Yacht Club really puts on a show.

I got finished packing up and literally ran back to the truck to beat some of the crowd.  While we were waiting in traffic (My father was kind enough to put up with my photographic jaunt), I was reviewing some photos and noticed what I thought were additional fireworks (Lightning) in the background.  This was confirmed when I opened them in Lightroom for a little post processing.  This is one of those double features…

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