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Fireworks Over Lake Allatoona

Today’s Photo: Fireworks Over Lake Allatoona

It has been several years since my schedule has allowed me to make it to the Allatoona Yacht Club fireworks display.  I made it to the shore of the lake a little later than I wanted and had to settle for a view further from the parking lot.  However, I was still able to get a good angle to watch the show and get a few good shots as well.

The Jetties

Today’s Photo: The Jetties

One of my favorite places in Panama City Beach are the jetties along the pass at St. Andrews State Park.  It is always fun to go watch the boats coming and going.  My favorite are not the small ones, but the large transport ships.  It amazes me to see them navigate such a small area.  It is hard to believe that the water is deep enough for most of them.


Today’s Photo: Driftwood

One afternoon while we were visiting St. Andrews State Park in Panama City Beach, I decided to take a stroll from the ocean to the northern point of the park along the beach for the bay.  I found many interesting things, but was fascinated with this piece of driftwood.  I found several logs, but nothing other than this that was man made, or processed.  I know that the ocean holds many mysteries and transports things you would never believe, but I was impressed that this beach was so clear of garbage.

Mountain Cascade

Today’s Photo: Mountain Cascade

I found this little cascade while exploring in North Georgia not too long ago.  I was drawn to the constant action f the water flowing down the hill.

Black and Veil

Today’s Photo: Black and Veil

I found this little cascade along the creek running from the bottom of Amicalola Falls.  I was attracted to the curtain of water that it created as it slid over the edge of the large rock.  If the wind had not been so chilly, I may have tried to crawl under the water.

Raspberry PI Projects:

The past few weeks I have been working diligently on a project for my Raspberry PI computer.  I have been setting it up as a web server to operate a switch which can be used for anything that you want to turn on and off.  Finally, I have finished and it is operational.  My next projects for it are to make a stepper motor and camera controller for time-lapses.  Maybe I won’t pursue it in such an all encompassing way.

The Good Life

Today’s Photo: The Good Life

This little house sits on a small lake near the edge of Calhoun Georgia.  I was surprised when I saw it the other day.  It is along a road that I had driven hundreds of times before.  It reminds me of a little cabin in the middle of nowhere and many summer nights sitting on the porch watching the rain.

The Lone Icicle

Today’s Photo: The Lone Icicle

I was out taking photos of icicles when it was really cold this winter.  No, it was not the same time as I shoot The Frozen Waterfall, but it was still real cold.  I was making my way down from some cliffs up the side of a hill when I noticed this one random icicle.  There were no others near it and it did not appear there was really enough water to support this one.

The Frozen Waterfall

Today’s Photo: The Frozen Waterfall

I found this little gem of a waterfall along Salacoa Creek.  There is no real waterfall here, just a lot of water draining off the cliffs.  However, with the blisteringly cold weather we had this winter, it made some pretty good ice falls.  I took my youngest along to this one.  She thought it was great, but too cold.  You could feel the decrease in temperature as you got closer to the ice.

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