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This small bridge is in a little town in North Georgia called Ellijay.  Not much happens in Ellijay, but some of the scenery is just absolutely beautiful.  This bridge is the seldom used, at least for trains, train bridge in town.

I just love the way the sky looks at sunset.  You get some of the most amazing colors you can find all at the same time.  I have discovered a whole new world of sunsets with HDR.

About 8 months ago, I learned of another blog called Stuck in Customs the author is Trey Ratcliff and is an amazing HDR photographer.  Head over his way and read the HDR tutorial.  He explains extremely well how to accomplish some amazing photos using HDR.


I really enjoy the water; in fact, I believe I may be part fish.  I had the pleasure of learning how to kayak at the age of 12 and the freedom to pursue that sport for years on a very regular basis.  However, I am not able to go as often as I would like now.  This photo is on the river where I learned to kayak and spent a significant amount of time.

I learned not too long ago that Scott Bourne was giving away a camera.  I just noticed that he is now giving away two.  Head on over to his page’s and check out the offer.  Scott Bourne’s camera giveaway And in addition to the giveaways, the articles are always great.

’50 Ford

I went to a reunion to meet some of my distant relatives and guess what I found…

50 Ford

I believe that the best way to learn is to pick a good role model and emulate them.  I don’t mean copy their work, but learn their style.  Give yourself an assignment; like shoot a solo tree on a hill at sunset.  Then attempt to apply the style of your newly acquired role model to the assignment.  But, after completing the assignment, post it some where so it can be critiqued.  If you only hang it in your home, no one else can enjoy it.

The Hallway

I was in Indianapolis several years ago and took this photo.  It was near the capitol, but I don’t know the name of the building.  I believe it was to the west of the capital building near the canal.  If you know, just say it.

So, I missed a day, but here is another one for you.

Shutter Speed…  so, shutter speed is used to capture movement.  There are two different ways of stopping movement.  One: stopping subject movement and Two: stopping camera shake.  And, shutter speed is probably the easiest to get right.  You can either stop all movement or allow it.  In order to have a long shutter speed, you need to have a tripod.

And, photography in it’s simplest form requires only two changes, shutter speed and aperture.


I did not think I would like macro photography until I took this photo.  I believe this is one of the photos which began to trigger my artistic side; which I still think I am lacking at.


So, I was standing outside today thinking of light.  I don’t really know why I was doing that except maybe it was just too bright for my sensitive eyes.  Okay, I was thinking of how easy photography was if you just got one concept…Light.  Now, don’t get me wrong, some people have lots of trouble with this light thing.  I did too until I realized how to use that built-in light meter thingy (absolutely a technical term).  Of course I am talking to those SLRers out there.

All a camera is for is the collection of light information.  If you can mentally break the collection of that light down into two parts it becomes very easy.  First, Aperture.  Aperture is like a faucet.  Turn it on (make the hole bigger) and it opens the water flow faster.  This lets more water out.  Same thing applies to the camera.  “Turn the faucet on” and brighten the photo up.

So that’s the first half of capturing light.  Tune in tomorrow for the second half…shutter speed.

Old Gun

Okay, so I wasted most of my time I could, and should have been, using to write this post attempting to make wordpress work.  I don’t know what happened, but I know I wasted lots of time for a small amount to show.

I know most of you are from all across the world, but I know this is how construction looks now around me.  Maybe someday things will be back to the way they were.  (I know that is just wishful thinking.)

Morning Construction

Okay. So a while back, I received my first digital SLR. It took about 5 minutes for me to completely fall in love with photography. I have never been the artistic type, and, at first, my camera was purely technical. However, if I was not already married, I would have a hard time putting the camera down. Now I just have a hard time finding the time to teach her how to use the camera when I am not.

So, with introductions done, I begin the journey sharing with you my photography and the joys I have received from “behind the lens”.

I live near a major metropolitan area, but find myself continually drawn to old structures, buildings and landscapes. One of these days my wife will learn to stop complaining when it takes me too long to drive home.

Barn on a Hill

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