Fenced In (or out)

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Today’s Photo:  Fence In (or out)

It frustrated me going through college literature and having a professor attribute meaning to poems and stories for people that lived many years ago.  Most of the time I don’t think an artist intends for a piece to have more meaning than what it is on face value.  Being the strong minded young person that I was, and still am, although old now, I decided to argue this several times including using some of my own work at the time (poetry).  It was amusing watching a professor try to determine the underlying meaning when there really was none beyond the pieces face value.

I took this shot of the Boise State Capital while visiting last winter.  I was going to write about what I see here now, but I will leave that up to the viewer to decide.  I would really enjoy your comments on your opinion of this photo.  I am curious to see if it holds the same meaning as what I see.

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