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Stars over Amicalola

Today’s Photo: Stars over Amicalola

I took the family camping for a night at Amicalola Falls State Park a couple weekends ago.  They slept in tents while I tried out the new hammock that I’m using for my hike through the Great Smoky Mountains.  Well, I decided to spend a little time shooting the stars over the campsite while I waited for a meteor shower.  The hammock was too comfortable and I did not make it late enough for the meteor shower, but I did get a couple shots before crashing.

Dreaming of the Stars

Today’s Photo: Dreaming of the Stars

This past evening, I walked outside and looked up.  It instantly took me back to my childhood and watching the stars.  It is a sad thing when you realize that a childhood dream has become an impossibility.  Thankfully, other dreams have filled that space, so all is not lost.  A high pressure system had moved through during the day and the “seeing” was amazing.  Being this close to one of the largest cities in the world, there are not that many possibilities to see the stars so clear.  This shot is actually from the morning.  If it had been in the evening, the stars would have been washed out.  I was proud of this one – 500mm hand held.

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