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Floating In

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Today’s Photo:  Floating In

When you go to an air show, you get to see airplanes landing and taking off.  So, it stands to reason that when you go to a helicopter airshow, you get to see helicopters taking off and landing.  I spent several minutes shooting the helicopters at the American Hero’s Airshow in Canton.  They had a couple set up giving flights.  The park that they had the airshow at is not very big and is right against some heavy duty overhead power lines.  I had the shutter speed set at 1/4000 of a second to get this.  I almost got the blade stopped.

Systems Check

Today’s Photo:  Systems Check

I was at one of our local airports the other day just around sunset.  A plane had landed, fueled up and was just getting ready to take off.  I sat and watched for several minutes as the pilot went through his pre-flight checks.  I love flying in …Continue Reading Here…

American Heros 1

Today’s Photo:  American Hero’s

This was one of the helicopters on display at the American Hero’s Air Show in Canton Georgia.  The really cool thing is that it is an all helicopter airshow.  That means it can be held almost anywhere.  In fact, the park which …Continue Reading Here…

Stealth Plane

I love to go to museums.  It doesn’t have to be any certain museum, any will do.  It is just enormous fun to walk around and see history.  I especially like the Smithsonian museums around the National Mall in Washington D.C. and the best part, they are free (the right price).

Today’s Photo:  Stealth Plane

This photo is from the Air and Space Museum Udvar-Hazy Center, which is just outside …Continue Reading Here…

I love to fly.  It does not matter what it is, helicopter, single engine prop or commercial.  My love of flight started when I was younger.  I was always amazed at how airplanes could stay in the air with out falling.  I became hooked after my first flight.  I happened to be in NJROTC (just because everyone wants to know, Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Corp) at the time.  I had the fortune to fly on a Navy DC9.  Thinking back on it, our pilot must have been a former fighter jet pilot.  We took off the runway and it felt like we were going straight up.  What an amazing feeling.  Do you like to Fly?  What types?

Today’s Photo: Landing

This was a photo I took of the Life Force helicopter landing for a local event.  How is it even possible that something weighing that much can stay in the air just by spinning some blades in a circle?  And then to see the blades stopped in mid spin by the speed of a shutter.  There were other planes there that day, but I don’t think any will match the wonder I have of catching this in mid-flight.

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