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Banana Fun

Today’s Photo: Banana Fun

After taking some photos of the heart shaped banana peel the other day, I found it made some other quite interesting shapes and patterns.  This was one of the shots.  Lesson learned here is that I need to have everything set up before peeling the banana.  It starts to turn brown too fast.

Coffee Heart

Today’s Photo: Coffee Heart

A few days ago, I was just about to walk out the door for work when my wife started yelling at me for my camera.  I knew that it could not be anything bad, or she would just have been yelling for me.  As I walked into the kitchen, she showed me this spoon.  She had just made coffee, added creamer and licked the spoon.  This was the leftover creamer on the spoon.

Banana He(art)

Today’s Photo: Banana He(art)

I was getting myself and the girls ready the morning while my wife was getting one of them a banana for breakfast.  I am all about peeling bananas from the non-stem side.  Watch monkey’s eat.  It is actually easier to peel the banana from that end.  Anyway, my wife does not prescribe to that method of extracting the banana; she peels from the stem.  This morning, she peeled it and it made a perfect heart shape in the peel.  I did not let my daughter eat it, but instead abducted it and took photos.  Of course she was allowed to eat it afterward.

Little Pilgrims

Today’s Photo: Little Pilgrims

Thanksgiving every year is family reunion time for our family.  It is a time of feasting, fun and fellowship.  Along with the feasting happens to be dessert.  I believe the reason dessert is last is because you are supposed to save the best for last.  I missed some of the desserts because I had to make a getaway with these five cupcakes.  They had “Photograph me!!!” written all over them.  So, I ran like a mad photographer and set up the lights for a little fun food photo shoot.  It was not until I began taking photos that I realized I had gotten four green and one orange.  So, they became the little pilgrim family and their neighbor…or black sheep.

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