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Legion Riders

Today’s Photo: Legion Riders

Well, work has taken over this week with unexpected things to do, so I have not made my last few posts.  I hope to be back on track now, but that can change at a moments notice.

I found these bikes in downtown Cartersville.  There must have been a meeting of the American Legion near here.  I found several Legion bikes.  I really liked all the Chrome on these.  If you look close in the engine casing of the bike on the left, you get some great reflections.

The Harley

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Today’s Photo:  The Harley

This is another of those random finds I run across from time to time.  I am not the most outgoing person, so would even say shy when it comes to meeting someone new.  However, I have found these random finds to be good for striking up a conversation.  This one I found in the parking lot for the Fall Creek Falls overlook.  It was not a conversation starter, but it would have been if the owner was around.

The Classic

Today’s Photo:  The Classic

I am even less of a motorcycle person than I am a car person.  However, I could change that very easily if I got to see more bikes.  I found this one at First Friday in Canton.  The owner was really cool and even offered to let the …Continue Reading Here…

I started this website as a forum to post my photography and thought.  I made a decision at the start to post one photo a day.  With the exception of lack of internet, I have met that commitment and plan to continue.  I say this because I believe that, just in the few months since beginning, I have increased my knowledge exponentially.  The process of having to get a photo ready each night is trying, but the rewards are well worth it.  Not only have I learned from earlier mistakes, but also from input.

I now believe that one of the best rules of photography is to take pictures.  No, I mean it.  If you don’t practice, you will never get better, or at least not nearly as fast.


I ran across this completely by accident.  I was trying to get to the popcorn store…no, not for me…my wife.  Well and kids.  But anyway, next door is the Cigar Bar.  Lined up outside were three motorcycles.  One of which was Tennessee Orange.  Yes, Orange with a capital “O”.  I parked the car several spots away, well, the other side of the parking lot, got out and slowly approached.  A Cigar Bar, you never know what is going to come out and get on those bikes.  I took a couple photos, was not accosted and believing I had permission then, took a few more.  Anyone in the north Atlanta area that wants photos of their bike, let me know.  I really enjoyed taking this and the way it turned out.


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