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Miniature World

Today’s Photo: Miniature World

I have tried several times to grow bonsai trees.  I think they are some of the coolest plants, but they are tons of work and I can’t seem to get the hang of it.  So, when I get to see them, I understand what goes into growing them and have a huge respect for gardeners that can keep them up.  One of the coolest collection of bonsai that I have seen was at the Smith Gilbert Gardens.  They have bonsai that are decades old and even one that is centuries old.  I love that the gardeners not only grow a miniature tree, but also include other plants that mimic the scale.  I just wish I had a couple Lego people to put in this scene.


Today’s Photo: Bluebells

Unfortunately, most of the flowers had not started blooming at the Smith Gilbert Gardens while we were there.  I noticed this little bluebell along one of the trails and it was lit just right by the sun.  I wish I could find a field of these in the Southeast, but I am still looking.

A Roaming Gnome

Today’s Photo: A Roaming Gnome

I took my kids to spend a couple hours exploring Smith Gilbert Gardens in Kennesaw Georgia.  One of the highlights of our trip was the scavenger hunt for places that Hootie Owl had been photographed.  One of the places we found that Hootie had been photographed was near a Rose Compass and in the middle I found this little gnome.  I think he was trying to decide which way to go.

Server Update:

This weekend, I went through a server update.  I can say, it is finally finished.  I would say that it was hard work, but, since I have a shared hosting plan with a friend, he took care of it.  We now have new hamsters under the hood.  Thanks for your patients.

Wild Flowers

Today’s Photo: Wild Flowers

I was telling the story of meeting a bear on Goforth Creek to my brother.  I was describing the area and he mentioned that he thought that was where a woman and small child had been attacked a year or two ago.  Good thing that bear just walked on by.  Can’t imagine what it would have been like if it had gotten between me and the children.  Anyways, this was a flower that we found on the edge of a field about a mile back into the woods along the creek.  I have no idea what the flower is, but it was like little trumpets.

Frozen Curtains

Today’s Photo: Frozen Curtains

At least all the cold weather provided a little fun with the camera.  There are several roads that follow the base of cliff’s near home and with all the rain and cold, there were some pretty big icicles.  Just a short way down the road is a seasonal waterfall.  After taking this photo, I decided to climb to the top and see the icicles there.  Probably not the brightest idea I have ever had, but I found the top of the waterfall.

The Writing Spider

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Today’s Photo: The Writing Spider

This evening my older brother decided to point out a writing spider on some steps on the property.  Of course, I had to get the camera out.  It was a good opportunity to get out the macro extension tubes.  Talk about getting up close and personal.  With all four extension tubes and the 50mm lens, the face of the spider took up the whole viewing port, and it was only about 2 inches from the end of the lens.  It is a manual focus set and I’m still working with it.  Although I had the extension tubes, this shot with just the raw 50mm turned out best.

Winter Stream

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Today’s Photo: Winter Stream

This is another shot from the Sope Creek area.  I found this little stream that was covered in fallen leaves that still had a little color.


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Today’s Photo: Motion

I am always intrigued by how some of the settings on a camera can be used to capture motion in a two dimensional photo.  By simply slowing down the speed at which the camera takes the photo, you can capture what happens during more than just a split second of time.  Sometimes, you can even capture minutes worth of time and tons of motion.  This one is just .6 seconds long and look at the amount of movement in the water during that small time frame.

May Flowers

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Today’s Photo: May Flowers

April showers truly do bring May flowers.  I took this on May 5.  Just a few days ago, this field did not hold a single flower.  In the span of a few days, and several inches of rain, these sprouted.  Now it is time to go search for some more.

Flowing Water

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Today’s Photo: Flowing Water

Another shot from my trip to the creek.  As much fun as this was, I am going to have to find another place similar to this.  In fact, I have several ideas from places that I have been growing up.  That’s one of the benefits from living in the mountains and having a Jeep.  I got to explore many of the forest service roads.

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