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Lions and Tigers, Oh MY!!!

Today’s Photo: Lions and Tigers, Oh MY!!!

A couple years ago, I was able to take a stroll through the Montgomery Zoo.  This white tiger strolled over and plopped itself down right in front of me.  I think it may have been trained to pose for photos.


So, the past couple of months have not been so good for me in the photography department.  I am hoping to get caught up now that several non-photography projects and events have been passed.

Don't Feed the Animals Order a print of this photo

Today’s Photo: Don’t Feed the Animals

When you go to a park, there are always signs that say to not feed the animals.  I’m a pretty common sense person and can understand why you don’t do that.  However, I still find people who don’t seem to get it.  Of course, I grabbed the camera and stood by while people decided to do idiotic things.  I’m kinda disappointed that I did not get to watch an episode of when animals attack.  This little mother raccoon kept walking back and forth from it’s den in the jetties to this waiting group of feeders.

A New Puppy

Today’s Photo: A New Puppy

A few days ago, I posted a photo of The Young and The Old.  We have had a dog for more than ten years and now I guess it is time to plan for the future… a little kicking and screaming.  I had no intention of getting a new dog at this point.  I am more than happy with the one I have.  However, my dad brought one home and my children have taken her over.  Several days later and I think she may be here to stay.

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