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Midtown Atlanta

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Today’s Photo: Midtown Atlanta

Another shot from my short walk around midtown Atlanta.  One of my favorite types of photos are the light trails from vehicle tail lights.  I hope that the city of Atlanta put a camera size hole in the fence on the south side of the 17th street bridge.  There is a great angle to get the Atlanta skyline.  Until then, this will have to suffice for that location.  I will have to share the shots of the building near the middle that looks like two sails bending toward each other sometime soon.

On Top of the World

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Today’s Photo: On Top of the World

This statue is in front of the Boys and Girls Club of America headquarters on Peachtree Street in Atlanta.  I was having tons of fun taking photos around this area and ran across this one.  I had to wait a couple minutes for my turn, but I think it was worth it.  This status is only a few feet tall, so I had to lay down to get this angle.  I got a few odd looks for it.  It’s all in a days work.

Visual proof that if you work hard there is no limit to what you can do.  Even making it on top of the world.

The Perfect Storm

So, I am finally back after weathering the perfect storm.  Last week, I discovered that the site had bee infected by one of the “Pharma” hacks.  I set aside time for fixing it last week, was successful, and then spend the weekend with my wife.  Round two…

Sunday morning, I had a hard drive failure.  Not just any hard drive, the one with my last years worth of photos.  NOT good… In fact, really, really, BAD.  I have spent the last week in recovery mode.

At least it was not a hardware failure.  It was just a write error, CRC for anyone that knows.  Of the approximately 100,000 photos from the last year, I only lost about 2000.  Most of those were from two different time lapses that I had finished working on and exported.  It just kinda bites that I will not be able to go back and adjust anything in them now.

Lesson 1 – 10:  BACK-UP everything and frequently.  I now have several hard drives that I am going to be keeping synced.

Station 11

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Today’s Photo:  Station 11

Last weekend, prior to the crash, I went to Midtown Atlanta for some nighttime skyline shots.  My plan was to shoot from the 17th street bridge south.  Unfortunately, that side of the bridge was closed for construction work and I could not get what I wanted.  I did get this shot from the Atlantic Station side of the bridge.  The 11 is on the side of Atlanta Fire Department Station 11.  I’m gonna wait a couple months and hope that the construction is gone and try again.

The Lit Path

Today’s Photo: The Lit Path

I am still mesmerized by the photos from my visit to the Garden Lights exhibit.  Not only are there many different beautiful scenes, but virtually every path is lined by lights of all colors.  This was about halfway through our walk in the gardens and it had just begun to rain and started making some good reflections off the pavement.

Mershon Hall Beyond the Lights

Today’s Photo: Mershon Hall Beyond the Lights

This was my third favorite photo from my trip through the Garden Lights display.  I waited until the very end to take it.  I had been taking photos of a couple Admiring the Tree and then through out the Green and Blue Twinkling Terrace.  It started raining fairly descent and my family took shelter on the porch of the Day Hall.  This shot was from just under the overhang.

Today's Photo: Lights, Lights and lights

Today’s Photo: Lights, Lights and Lights

This is another shot from the Garden Lights exhibit at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens.  I was intrigued by the multitude of lights that were used to make this light tree.  The pole holding the lights up was in the middle of a fountain and the lights were attached to the edges.  I liked the patterns of the reflections in the water.  I don’t know why the green ones made shapes and the purple ones did not.  Kinda strange if you ask me.

Green and Blue

Today’s Photo: Green and Blue

There are several areas of the Atlanta Botanical Gardens that I thought were pretty neat.  Well, all of it was neat.  I took this shot from the Twinkling Terrace, but you can see one of the great trees and the Orchestral Orbs in the background.  The rain was just right and left just enough water on the ground for the reflections.

Miniature Braves

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Today’s Photo:  Miniature Braves

For Fathers Day my brothers and sisters decided to surprise our day by showing up at the Braves game that he was going to on Fathers Day.  Of course I decided to take this opportunity to snap a few photos.  Our seats were at the top of the “field” level seating which put us underneath the overhang and out of the sun.  Which ever family member made that decision should be credited with saving all our rears.  It was sweltering and extremely sunny.  I did not take too many shots and the game was over before I knew it.  I was able to get this one.  I was not pleased with it until I found a good way to make the tilt shift miniatures.  I like how they look like little toys.

A Fountain with Roots

Today’s Photo:  A Fountain with Roots

I was taking photos in the Gleaming Grove at the Atlanta Botanical Garden Light exhibit when the group of friends I was with abandoned me.  Now, when I get in the photography mode, I can’t say that I blamed them.  It was cold, starting to rain and they needed a break.  I finished in the Gleaming Grove and went to follow them into the Metro Fresh restaurant when I ran across this fountain.  I started by taking photos from the other side, but found this break in the water that showed the base of the fountain.  It looked like something growing from the rocks.

Paper Mill Falls

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Today’s Photo:  Paper Mill Falls

The ruins at Sope Creek are pretty neat.  When I initially made it to Sope Creek, I was about 300 yards down stream from Paper Mill Road.  From this point, I thought the only ruins were on the other side of the creek and downstream.  That would have not been a problem, but it had been raining for several days and had just cleared up.  The creek was several feet above its normal level and there was no way I was going to cross.  I decided to try the bridge at Paper Mill Road.  When I got to the bridge, I found another part of the ruins that I did not know about.  Since I was running short of time, I just shot these and plan to go back for the ones on the other side of the creek.  This was a small creek that was beside the ruins and there was a small rock wall making a waterfall.

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