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In the Dirt at Dixie

Today’s Photo:  In the Dirt at Dixie

Shooting at a dirt race track was tons of fun and challenging.  The lighting is terrible, it is horribly loud and there is the ever present dirt.  Fortunately, I got a pit pass, but it was only for me and not the rest of the family or my van.  Nothing leaves a dirt track clean and that included my camera gear.  Most of the time, I stood on the back of a four wheeler in turn two and got some good action shots.  That was until one car hit the inside wall just beside me.  I missed most of the mud, but not the camera.

Project 52:  Week 1

Okay, it’s still not too late to join the project 52.  This weeks theme it “Frame It”.  Don’t worry, I still haven’t taken mine yet.  I do have some ideas.  I’m thinking I might be able to complete it tonight.

Red Rum

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Today’s Photo:  Red Rum

I am not afraid of many things and watching horror movies does not bother me.  Well, with the exception of one, The Shining with Jack Nicholson.  When I saw this truck with the tricycle sitting on it, all I could do was think of the Shining and Danny riding his tricycle through the halls.  I had to look over my shoulder a couple times to make sure no one was creeping up on me.

GM Treed

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Today’s Photo:  GM Treed

Nature can make some pretty interesting stuff all on it’s own if you let it.  A prime example of that is Old Car City.  Nature has taken over everywhere and created some interesting stuff.  Most of it has to do with the decay of modern equipment and cars.  This is one of those examples.  Most of the time, you think of hunting when something gets “treed”.  However, time has treed this GMC truck.

Don't Leave The Lights On

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Today’s Photo:  Don’t Leave the Lights On

I usually try to keep photos pretty close to what I actually see in real life.  However, every once in a while, a photo comes around that just lends itself to some creative artistry.  I found this truck near the back of the junkyard at Old Car City and immediately knew it was going to be one of those photos.


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Today’s Photo:  Brutis

I have been to many car shows over the years.  One of the common themes I find is that car enthusiasts love their cars.  They take care of them, fix them when they are broke and wash them when they are dirty.  So, it is quite unusual to find one dirty, rusty or broken.  However, with a name like “Brutis”, you don’t have to be clean, full of shinny chrome or all have all your parts.  With a name like Burtis, you just have to be.

The Office

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Today’s Photo:  The Office

I have shared many photos from my time at Old Car City USA.  I was going through them the other day and noticed that I had not shared any of the facilities.  The majority have been of vehicles.  There are several buildings around the …Continue Reading Here…


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Today’s Photo:  Halogen

Back in the spring, I ran across this car show completely by accident.  I was driving through Cartersville looking for churches to shoot and noticed a few cars starting to park near the end of one parking lot.  I stopped to …Continue Reading Here…

The Super Sport

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Today’s Photo:  The Super Sport

First offered in 1961, the Super Sport brand for Chevy has since grown into an icon of power.  Every car show that I have been to has had at least one Super Sport package vehicle and most have had more.  From the Impala through the Camaro, there are few …Continue Reading Here…

Belair Wings

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Today’s Photo:  Belair Wings

It has been a while since I posted photos of classic cars.  Mostly because I have been too busy this year to make it to a lot of car shows.  I think it had to do with the temperature and that I can not stand the blood boiling heat that we …Continue Reading Here…

Bug Eyed

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Today’s Photo:  Bug Eyed

Last fall I spent a nice morning running around the six miles of trails through an antique junk yard.  It is billed as the largest junk yard of classic cars and I would have to believe it.  There were hundreds, if not thousands, of cars lined …Continue Reading Here…

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