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Jetstar 2

Today’s Photo: Jetstar 2

The Wright brothers helped start the air revolution.  Now you can find planes with advanced avionics and they are extremely aerodynamic.  Not much like the wood and cloth flyer they started with.  This happens to be the cockpit portion of a Lockheed Jetstar 2 that sits in the Tellus museum just outside Cartersville Georgia.

The F4 Phantom

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Today’s Photo: The F4 Phantom

In the 1960’s, McDonnell Douglas introduced the F-4 fighter jet.  Commonly referred to as The Phantom.  This jet fighter was at the cutting edge of technology for the time and was supposed to keep the pilots more safe and away from the action.  So far away from the action that the geniuses that designed it decided not to include guns of any type on the original configuration.  Despite this lack, it was a major part of US air power during the modern jet era.

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