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Barfield General Store

Today’s Photo: Barfield General Store

You can find some of the most interesting things if you get off the beaten path.  I found this driving Highway 9 in Alabama.  Obviously, it has been around a long time.  Since 1893 according to the sign.  You can only imagine the history for which this building has been present.

Lions and Tigers, Oh MY!!!

Today’s Photo: Lions and Tigers, Oh MY!!!

A couple years ago, I was able to take a stroll through the Montgomery Zoo.  This white tiger strolled over and plopped itself down right in front of me.  I think it may have been trained to pose for photos.

Retention Colors

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Today’s Photo: Retention Colors

Sometimes you can find a descent photo in some of the most unlikely places.  I was driving through Eufaula Alabama and had stopped to eat.  Of course, I had not been paying attention to the fact that the rain I had been driving through was clearing.  When I came out of the restaurant, my wife pointed out this sunset.  Not knowing the area, I immediately began driving around and noticed this retention pond situated next to a Wal-Mart.  The reflections were not to bad and the small water tower added to it.

A Point of National Pride

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Today’s Photo:  A Point of National Pride

Setting yourself goals and then striving to reach them can be a matter of personal pride.  However, when the goal is much greater than one person, it has the potential of becoming a national goal.  That is what happened during the space race… land a person on the moon.  In 1969, after many failures and successes, the United States accomplished this goal.  It was only through the hard work and ingenuity of those people who would dream that it happened.  However, it was not without extreme danger which is evident on the Apollo 16 capsule that sits in the US Space and Rocket Center in Alabama.

The Swing Arm

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Today’s Photo:  The Swing Arm

Many adventures begin with a last view of something.  Sometimes it is a wave at family when leaving for college, a last view of the shore while sailing into the blue ocean or the last feel of solid ground under your feet before …Continue Reading Here…

One Small Step

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Today’s Photo:  One Small Step

June 20, 1969, the human race was changed forever.  Neil Armstrong took mankind’s first steps on the moon, and big steps those were.  With those steps, Armstrong became an American legend and a hero to every child.  It also capped off the space race between the …Continue Reading Here…

PawPaw's Barn

Today’s Photo:  PawPaw’s Barn

Everyone has special places they like to go.  My wife speaks all the time of her childhood and going to her grandparents’ home.  Unfortunately, mine were gone before I had many memories of them.  One of the reasons I think there are so many fond memories of …Continue Reading Here…

Saturn V Model

Today’s Photo:  Saturn V Model

After finding a full size Saturn V both upright and lying on its side in stages, this was interesting to see.  There is a whole building at the US Space and Rocket center devoted to the Saturn V and the …Continue Reading Here…

Shuttle Park (US Space and Rocket Center)

Today’s Photo:  Shuttle Park (US Space and Rocket Center)

I had the good fortune to spend some time at the Udvar-Hazy building of the Smithsonian Air and Space museum last year.  One of my favorite exhibits there was the space shuttle Enterprise.  I was amazed at how small the space shuttle was …Continue Reading Here…

Image Stabilization

I shoot almost all my photos in bracketing mode.  Not always with the intention of making and HDR photo, but just because it is easier than changing settings between each photo.  This comes with the side effect that, I can make and HDR out of something I did not intend in the first place.  A good amount of my shots are taken “off hand”, so I use the Image Stabilization.  I use Photomatix during my HDR workflow and use the align images feature since I shoot off hand.  When I shot using a tripod, I would turn off the align images, but the images would still be blurry as if they were not aligned.  I began investigating and noticed that the first shot in my bracket was off just a little compared to the other two.  I turned off IS and this seems to fix the problem and increase the clarity and sharpness of the photos.

The Plane and Rocket

Today’s Photo:  The Plane and Rocket

Exploring the U.S. Space and Rocket Center was lots of fun.  I enjoyed seeing the progression of the space and rocketry program.  It is amazing to see how something conceived as a dream made it into …Continue Reading Here…

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