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Chattanooga Overwatch

Today’s Photo: Chattanooga Overwatch

I took a quick trip to Ruby Falls a few months ago and could not help stopping by Point Park that overlooks Downtown Chattanooga.  I was very surprised by the lack of visitors.  We just about had the entire park to ourselves.

The Little Piggy

Today’s Photo: The Little Piggy

It seems to me that most people take car of cars as if they are just a method of getting from one point to another.  Now, there are exceptions to that, but I hardly ever see a motorcycle that has been treated in the same way that I see cars.  I found this little piggy somewhere in Tennessee a couple years back.  Of course, it was well taken care of and I’d have to say it probably screamed wee all the way home.

Mt. Sterling (Great Smoky Mountains National Park)

Today’s Photo: Mt. Sterling (Great Smoky Mountains National Park)

This shot is from the top of the fire tower on Mount Sterling in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park looking east over North Carolina.  The day before this, I hiked just over 6 miles and gained over 4000 feet of elevation in that time, carrying all my camera gear and camping gear.  What a climb, but well worth it for views and a sunrise like this.  I almost did not get out of the hammock, as it was so cozy.  Fortunately I did.

Lenny's Sub Shop

Today’s Photo: Lenny’s Sub Shop

When I am out taking photos, I have a tendency to forget to eat.  It’s not that I’m not hungry, it’s that there are too many other important things going on and I don’t have time.  One evening walking around the Market Square and Downtown in Knoxville, we decided to make a quick stop at this little hole in the wall sandwich shop.  I am bad about trying to find these types of shops.  Sometimes they are good and sometimes they are bad.  This one happened to be great.  I recommend it to anyone in the Knoxville area.

The Railroad Bridge

Today’s Photo: The Railroad Bridge

This is probably my favorite photo from my stay in Knoxville last fall.  This was from my second adventure into downtown and my goal was to make it to the Sunsphere and the Worlds Fair Park.  This is the railroad bridge that runs through the park and over Cumberland Avenue.

The Haunted Hospital

Today’s Photo: The Haunted Hospital

Among my many adventures in Knoxville, there were several walks along the Tennessee River.  One of those happened to be well after dark and to retrieve the car for me to go pick up my fellow explorers.  Unfortunately, it took me a few minutes more to make it to them than it could have.  I made a stop at Volunteer Landing to get a few shots of the Baptist Hospital that overlooks the river.  The hospital is no longer in use and reminds me of the set from a horror film.  Not that they scare me, but it was good to have several hundred feet of water to get some good reflections.

Entrance to Thompson-Boling Arena

Today’s Photo: Entrance to Thompson-Boling Arena

I stopped for a quick shot while we were passing through the front entrance area to the Thompson-Boling arena on the campus of the University of Tennessee.  I had just taken some shots of fireworks that I believe were the send off for the Vols to go play Alabama last year and we were walking to Neyland Stadium.  Having never been inside the Thompson-Boling arena, I can only imagine what was in the space hovering above my head.  Thankfully, it did not fall on me.

The Dry Riverbed

Today’s Photo: The Dry Riverbed

The start of the trail to Debord and Emory Gap Falls starts at the end of the main road into Frozen Head State Park.  From there, the trail parallels the stream bed most of the way to the base of both sets of falls.  Unfortunately, I decided to visit the falls during a very dry spell and most of the water was flowing under the stream bed instead of in it.  I was able to get a few shots of some of the pools of water along the stream, but I thought the empty riverbed looked pretty neat also.

Knoxville Reflections

Today’s Photo: Knoxville Reflections

I was walking along Gay Street one evening when I ran across this building.  I thought the reflections were pretty good in the building.  I tried to get a shot of the other building too, but there were not any good angles.

Three Years

Yay, it’s been three years.  Hard to believe, but we made it.  Not too many missed days, many miles and adventures later it has definitely been fun.  Sometimes it has been taxing on resources, mainly sleep, to make sure these make it out there.  I would not trade the experiences I have had for anything.  Truly capturing memories for a lifetime.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

The next few months will really stretch my abilities to juggle.  Some of my family and I have decided to make a trek through the Great Smoky Mountains via the Appalachian trail.  Not only am I having to train for 70 plus miles in 10 days, I have to make sure everything is in working order.  Can’t miss the opportunity to enjoy the time and capture some more memories.

Laurel Falls (the top)

Today’s Photo: Laurel Falls (the top)

I think this was one of the easiest hikes that I have ever done.  The entire trail is paved from the road to the falls.  The only difficulty that a disabled person may have is at the falls themselves.  There is a small foot bridge across the middle of the falls and a small step down.  Other than that, an easy path to walk or take a wheel chair.  Although I think having a paved path in the forest takes a little away from it, it is more than made up in the fact that wonders such as this can be visited by those less mobile.

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