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Upper Desoto Falls

Today’s Photo: Upper Desoto Falls

This was a short, not too hard hike.  I was able to make it to Upper Desoto Falls and Lower Desoto Falls.  This was after running by Helton Creek Falls.

Indian Creek Falls

Today’s Photo: Indian Creek Falls

I took the kids on a short day hike to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  We chose to do a short out and back that covered Indian Creek Falls, Tom Branch Falls, and Juney Whank Falls.  One of the easiest hikes with the greatest rewards that I have found.  Not only do you get 3 waterfalls in 2ish miles, they are very beautiful.  This is a shot I got of Indian Creek Falls.  Oh, and the water was really cold.

A Piece of Trahlyta Falls

Today’s Photo: A Piece of Trahlyta Falls

A short hike around Vogel State Park brings you to this waterfall.  The best view is from the base of the falls, but it is easily visible from the road driving near the park.

Mountain Cascade

Today’s Photo: Mountain Cascade

I found this little cascade while exploring in North Georgia not too long ago.  I was drawn to the constant action f the water flowing down the hill.

Black and Veil

Today’s Photo: Black and Veil

I found this little cascade along the creek running from the bottom of Amicalola Falls.  I was attracted to the curtain of water that it created as it slid over the edge of the large rock.  If the wind had not been so chilly, I may have tried to crawl under the water.

Amicalola Falls

Today’s Photo: Amicalola Falls

I spent the afternoon hiking all around Amicalola Falls State Park.  Home of the highest cascade east of the Mississippi and a doozy of a hike from the bottom to the top.  The last time I visited this park, there was a trail to the base of the falls with a platform to enjoy the falls from the bottom and then a short set of stairs to a platform at the top of the falls.  I was not ready for the set of stairs connecting the two.  Wow, what a walk, but well worth the views.

The Frozen Waterfall

Today’s Photo: The Frozen Waterfall

I found this little gem of a waterfall along Salacoa Creek.  There is no real waterfall here, just a lot of water draining off the cliffs.  However, with the blisteringly cold weather we had this winter, it made some pretty good ice falls.  I took my youngest along to this one.  She thought it was great, but too cold.  You could feel the decrease in temperature as you got closer to the ice.

Mountain Stream

Today’s Photo: Mountain Stream

You never know when you will find a nice mountain stream to take photos of.  This shot was along one of the trails to the top of Blood Mountain on the Appalachian Trail.  On the way up, the light was horrible.  However, on the way down, the light was not too bad.  It had set behind the ridge line this flows down and caused some good soft light.

Winter Creek

Today’s Photo: Winter Creek

Fortunately for me, the snow stayed a little longer near the creeks than most elsewhere.  It gave me an extra morning to go explore.  So, I took a time lapse of the sunrise and then took a walk around one of the creeks near home.  I have been eying this small cascade and adding snow just made it better.

Icy Waterfall

Today’s Photo: Icy Waterfall

I was driving through Beasley Gap in North Georgia this last week.  Due to the unusually cold weather, the sides of the creek have been frozen.  The areas with small cascades have some neat ice formations.  I stopped for a few shots.  This was just one of the cascades.

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