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Okay, I still am without Internet. It is horrible. I know you have been anxiously awaiting hearing about my latest adventures. However, I have been unable to schedule time for an trip to the cafe.

This was a fun photo to take. I never realized how small these planes were until it is in a place sitting right beside the concord, Ebola gay and black bird. Just amazing. This museum is an absolute must return to.

I have been posting photos to for a couple months now. If you haven’t checked it out, head over there. Some amazing photographer’s post on that site. This is my latest there The Enterprise

Unfortunately the Internet is still down at home, so post will likely be sporadic for the next few days.

This view is looking into the basement of the Modern Art Museum. This is an amazing building. I arrived here just in time for it to close. I truly wanted to se the inside. Just above the basement is a road that goes between the sunken gallery and the museum itself.


I have many photos in the queue to be processesed, but alas I have not had the time. As well as having no time, it seems that consistent internet connectivity is at a premium. Everytime there is a storm, we seem to loose power and telephone.

This photo is from the west side of Bull Run near the stone bridge. It was so peaceful walking through this area and seeing a field of blue bells.


Maybe someone can help me understand something.  Today’s photo comes from the sunken gallery which is in front of the Modern Art museum in Washington D.C.  How can a glass wall and concrete lattice work equal modern art?  Maybe my mind is not open enough.  However, I think I will just attempt to make some modern art of my own using another person’s art.  I do not recall the artist who crafted this piece, so if anyone can help me out, I would love to give proper credit.

I really enjoyed this shot.  Not too many people were exploring this gallery.  I never let a little rain stop me though.


This is the ceiling of the entrance hall at the Smithsonian’s Asian History Museum.  I thought all the recesses and the chandelier made this interesting.  It took me a minute to get under the center of the light and the whole time the guard was looking at me like it was my time to go.  You know what I mean?  Too bad I speak English…I could have smoothed my way out.  Yeah right.  So, after taking this, I realized there was a drop of water on the lens.  I think it just completed the day.

Don’t forget to click on the photo, it opens flickr and the higher resolution file.


I told you I would give at least a teaser photo.  This one was shot from the top of Blood Mountain on the Appalachin trail in North Georgia.  For this shot, I woke at 0230.  I can see how it would take a very short time for a dedicated sunrise photographer to go absolutely insane.  However, the experience was well worth it.  Now I am going to begin sharing it with you.


This shot was almost impossible to get.  The size of the Udvar-Hazy building is impossible to imagine, but the number of people who take photos of the space shuttle made this very hard.  It took a while for most of the people to clear out and I only had time for one shot.

I was underwhelmed by the size of the space shuttle.  I always imagined it as being about twice this size.  But, alas, I was wrong.  However, that did not take away from the sheer awsomeness of being in the presence of a space shuttle.  Even if it never made it to space of is actually a real one.  It was still great.


I was having trouble deciding what to post tonight when I realized it has been a while since I posted a photo of a classic car.  Now, don’t get me wrong, after a four hour round trip hike to the top of Blood Mountain Georgia this morning, I was all for posting at least a teaser photo of the absolutely amazing sunrise, I decided to postpone it.  Getting up at 0230, leaving at 0300, arriving at the trail head at 0500 and making it to the top of the mountain by 0605 has taken it’s toll on me.  Not to mention the hike back down the mountain and then the drive home.

This is another photo from one of our local classic car shows.  I heard of another one which was today, but decided after the excitement this morning, I would take it easy the rest of the day.  Of course, that is relative to the definition of easy.  When someone comes up with a good relative definition explanation, let me know.


Tonight’s post shall be short.  I plan on leaving at 0230 to attempt to get into position to take sunrise photos.  Like previously stated, all plans fall apart at first contact.  Maybe the back-up plans will work.

This is the back wall of the Smithsonian Native American Museum.  I loved how it let lots of light into the building, but there were still places in shadow and seemed mysterious to me.  On the other side of the building from this window is a prism in the wall.  When the sun is shining, it creates a rainbow in the room.  Unfortunately, I did not get to see it because the rain.  I wonder what the child in the corner is thinking?


Have you ever messed up something that other wise would have gone perfectly according to plan?  Plan, plan again, and then over plan, because those all of those plans will fall apart at first contact.

I decided the other evening to capture some sunset photos.  In my mind, I worked out my plan, including the location and even my sunset shot.  Wonderful you say?  I thought so too…and then, first contact.  I arrived at the location and to my utter astonishment, things just did not line up.

Enter back-up plan number 1.  Why number one?  Because typically two, three or more come after it.

I went to my alternate location and waited… and waited… got a drink and waited some more.  Just before the sunset, I second guessed myself and chose alternate location number 3.  Into the wind the car went and off to location number 3.  I arrived at number 3 to find a vehicle blocking access and a beautiful sunset in the works.  But plan number 4 formed at a rapid pace now and once again the car went into overdrive.  I arrived in time for one shot of the sun sinking below the horizon (photo coming soon) and shortly later this…


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