From the monthly archives: "March 2012"

I've Got My Eye on You

Today’s Photo:  I’ve Got My Eye on You

I must say that I really love the new 50mm lens.  There is nothing like spending time with kids and trying to capture what they are thinking with a camera.  There has been some recent discussion in the photography realm about the future …Continue Reading Here…

The Tower Over Dulles

Today’s Photo:  The Tower Over Dulles

I was able to explore most of the Air and Space Museums Udvar-Hazy center.  It was a whirlwind and I did not get to spend the amount of time I really wanted.  One of the places I really wanted to go was the Donald D. Engen tower.  It looks over the Udvar-Hazy center …Continue Reading Here…

Olympic Park Reflecting Pool

Today’s Photo:  Olympic Park Reflecting Pool

Centennial Olympic Park in the heart of downtown Atlanta is a great place for photography.  There are tons of water falls, pools and fountains located throughout the park.  However, bring your walking shoes because you will not realize …Continue Reading Here…

Today, I cross a mile stone with this Daily Photography Blog.  I have managed to make 366 (+1 for leap year) daily posts with missing very few days.  It was a trail at times in the beginning, but now it seems to be a kinda self perpetuating thing.


Today’s Photo:  Interiors

Temperatures are rising and days are beginning to get pretty out.  Soon we will start seeing planned and impromptu car shows all over the place.  In fact, there is one scheduled for April 21.  But I am struggling between that …Continue Reading Here…

Another Sunset at the Gate

Today’s Photo:  Another Sunset at the Gate

Well, today marks 365 posts.  Too bad it is a leap year.  I guess one more day for a whole year worth of posts is not going to kill me.  I went through a time a while back that I think I posted a photo of a gate almost everyday.  I have gone a little while …Continue Reading Here…

Sunrise Rocks

Today’s Photo:  Sunrise Rocks

I have loved rocks growing up.  I would collect them, but then I got old enough to know better.  Yeah, I finally got rid of them when I was in college.  However, I thought I had it bad until I met my wife.  She still has hers.  At least they are …Continue Reading Here…

Concord Baptist Church

Today’s Photo:  Concord Baptist Church

Another week has gone by and I get to post another church.  52 for a year is not too bad.  I am sure I should be able to find that many in the south.  Even that many cool looking photogenic churches should not be that hard to find.  I found this one just down [Continue Reading…]

The Old Truck

Today’s Photo:  The Old Truck

There’s nothing like a truck.  Everyone should have one.  They are good for so many things.  I think that is why this photo bothers me so much.  This truck has seen better days.  I guess it’s load got to it. I found it parked nice …Continue Reading Here…

The Little Lake

Today’s Photo:  The Little Lake

I love to explore off the beaten path places.  There are so many cool things you can find on back roads that would have other wise been missed.  Take for example this little lake.  I actually found this completely by …Continue Reading Here…

The Delta View of Salt Lake City

Today’s Photo:  The Delta View of Salt Lake City

A few weeks ago, I flew to Idaho.  I do not like to make connecting flights whenever I travel.  I am always worried that my first flight will be late and I will miss the next or that my luggage will go missing.  However, in the past few years, I have had …Continue Reading Here…

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