From the monthly archives: "May 2012"

The Caboose

Today’s Photo:  The Caboose

I had the same likes and fascinations as many children growing up.  I enjoyed trains and even had a miniature HO scale set.  My goal was to one day take a 4′ x 8′ piece of plywood and make an entire [Continue Reading…]

World of Coke

Today’s Photo:  World of Coke

Coke is one of the worlds oldest soft drinks.  So, it would not be to hard to assume that somewhere there would be a World of Coke.  I mean, there is a “world” for everything and the “world” for Coke is in …Continue Reading Here…

One Mans Junk

Today’s Photo:  One Mans Junk

When I first saw Old Car City, I thought of the old saying “One mans junk is another mans treasure.”  Old Car City is a junk yard.  What better place to find junk?  This car is a fine example of the junk that is all over …Continue Reading Here…

Country Sunrise

Today’s Photo:  Country Sunrise

I have the good fortune to live in a place that has several good shots for the sunrise.  This happens to be one of them.  The sunrise here can be very beautiful particularly when there is fog in the valleys.  The morning of this …Continue Reading Here…

A Different Church Building

Today’s Photo:  A Different Church Building

Today is another round in the Churches theme, but with a little bit of a twist.  I have found several churches over the years that have several different buildings that happen to be photogenic.  The First Presbyterian Church of Cartersville is …Continue Reading Here…

The Classic

Today’s Photo:  The Classic

I am even less of a motorcycle person than I am a car person.  However, I could change that very easily if I got to see more bikes.  I found this one at First Friday in Canton.  The owner was really cool and even offered to let the …Continue Reading Here…

Santa Christina

Today’s Photo:  Santa Christina

I decided the other day to try out some depth of field and lighting adjustments.  I was able to use just an incandescent light bulb for this shot.  I set the f-stop, 5.6, as wide as I could get it at 105mm.  This was not that tricky, but needed a tripod for the one second long shot.  This weekend being memorial day, I may try to get some more close up shots instead of the wide angles I am used to taking.

Indian Artwork

Today’s Photo:  Indian Artwork

Last fall I went to Chattanooga for the Worldwide Photo Walk.  It was my first Worldwide Photo Walk.  I was very excited and had a ton of fun walking around and checking out everything.  One of my favorite places that I found …Continue Reading Here…

Acworth City Hall

Today’s Photo:  Acworth City Hall

Growing up in Acworth used to be very slow.  It was a small town at one time.  However, it is definitely not that now.  Several weeks ago, the family and I went to Henry’s, a really good Cajun restaurant, downtown.  They have increased the …Continue Reading Here…

Layers of Clouds

Today’s Photo:  Layers of Clouds

School is finally out and I can leave a little later in the morning, well maybe.  In fact, due to being extremely sick last week, I slept in just a little this morning.  I am kinda glad I did, because this was what I found on my …Continue Reading Here…

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