From the monthly archives: "July 2012"

The Watching Crowd

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Today’s Photo:  The Watching Crowd

I am not a crowd person.  If there are more than thirty people together, I get nervous.  It is not that I am claustrophobic or anything.  I mean, I kayak and go spelunking and never have a problem.  I think it has more to do with the crowd than …Continue Reading Here…

Water Wheel

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Today’s Photo:  Water Wheel

Chattanooga is my second home.  I don’t get to spend as much time there as I want, so I have to work hard to plan shots before I go.  This is one that I have tried numerous time to get.  I always seem to get tons of traffic …Continue Reading Here…

The Cathedral of Turner Chapel

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Today’s Photo:  The Cathedral of Turner Chapel

Well into my series of churches, I have begun to notice some common traits among churches in this area.  Maybe they are all like this.  Churches have been a central part of southern communities for decades and …Continue reading Here…

The Great Divide

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Today’s Photo:  The Great Divide

The other day, I got a few minutes to get out and make a dedicated sunset photo trip.  I try hard to, but usually they don’t turn out as good as I want, or the sunset isn’t all that great.  Fortunately, this one was.  Not only was the western …Continue Reading Here…


Today’s Photo:  Racin’

My nephew raced this past weekend at both Dixie Speedway and Rome Speedway.  He placed tenth and eighth.  I was not able to go, but I got this the last time I went to Dixie.  I had tons of fun trying to capture the car …Continue Reading Here…

Flying Water

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Today’s Photo:  Flying Water

Since the first time I saw these water cannons last fall, I have been fascinated with them.  Almost every time I have been back, I have attempted to get a shot of these.  Some turned out the way I wanted and others did not.  If you look …Continue Reading Here…

Barn by the Road

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Today’s Photo:  Barn by the Road

Last summer, I found several barns that I really liked.  I never made it back by to take photos of them, but I ran across this one the other night.  It was tucked along the side of a pretty busy road and you would not have seen it …Continue Reading Here…

The Old Guitar

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Today’s Photo: The Old Guitar

Is it true that things get better with age?  I hear that all the time.  I am not so sure though.  I think it is all just a ploy because some people can’t handle getting old.  I got this guitar for my 18th birthday.  It has remained unchanged for many years, but the tune is still as true …Continue Reading Here…

Colorful Sunset

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Today’s Photo: Colorful Sunset

It has been a while since I spent a dedicated trip photographing the sunset.  I was fortunate enough to visit with my In-laws the other night.  They were excited enough to spend time with the kids that I was able to take about an …Continue Reading Here…

Piedmont Road Church of Christ

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Today’s Photo:  Piedmont Road Church of Christ

It’s Sunday and time for another part of the Church series.  I found this one along Piedmont Road near the Marietta Alliance Church and Piedmont Church.  I like it when there are several cool looking churches located in a small area.  Makes it easier to keep up with the Sunday theme.  Lately, I have been having trouble finding the good picturesque ones.

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