From the monthly archives: "August 2012"

An Olympic Path

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Today’s Photo:  An Olympic Path

Just outside the CNN center, Georgia Dome and Philips Arena is the Centennial Olympic Park.  The park is fairly large an encompasses a skating rink (during the winter), a playground, several water falls and displays, as well as …Continue Reading Here…

Drink Coca-Cola

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Today’s Photo:  Drink Coca-Cola

I love how people from different geographical locations can take a word and make a general meaning out of it.  Take for example a soft drink.  Most of the time in the northeast, it is called a soda; in the Midwest, it is called a pop and in …Continue reading Here…

Silent Gun

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Today’s Photo:  Silent Gun

When I think of something happening 150 years ago, I think that is a long time.  However, when you look at it as compared to the history of mankind, it is very recent history.  On the other hand, for the United States that is not …Continue Reading Here…

The Boat House

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Today’s Photo:  The Boat House

We were living in the country when I turned 16 and began to drive myself everywhere.  Luckily, I am an outdoorsy type of person, so I was able to find plenty to do.  A lot of the time, it was driving around and exploring.  I was fortunate enough to have a 4-wheel drive Jeep and a lack …Continue Reading Here…

The Duck Pond

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Today’s Photo:  The Duck Pond

Just outside downtown Jasper Georgia is a small county park called the Duck Pond.  About a year or two after I got married, my wife and I would go to this little park during her lunch breaks from the job she was working at the time.  A couple of weeks …Continue Reading Here…


Today’s Photo:  Georgia National Cemetery

I am going to skip the church today for one of the National Cemetery.  I spent some time getting sunrise photos at the Georgia National Cemetery a couple weeks ago.  One of my favorite processing techniques is high dynamic range (HDR).  It requires bracketed photos and I shoot mostly three exposures from -2 to +2 for my exposure value.  One of the problems I usually run into is that people don’t get to see the beginning photos.  I ran across the before / after plugin …Continue Reading Here…

The Art Center

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Today’s Photo: The Art Center

I think every town has an art center.  This one is located in Canton Georgia.  I was walking around one night and noticed it sitting off in the distance.  It was not all the impressive, but then I did a little post processing.  There was a lot more …Continue Reading Here…

Young Brother's Pharmacy

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Today’s Photo:  Young Brothers Pharmacy

Christmas night this last year, I spent a little while walking around downtown Cartersville, Georgia.  I was mainly interested in getting shots of the tree which was placed prominently in the downtown area.  However, that did not stop me from …Continue Reading Here…

The Olympic Rings

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Today’s Photo:  The Olympic Rings

The central attraction for the Olympic Park in downtown Atlanta, Georgia is the Olympic Ring water fountain.  It is not a boring old normal fountain either, it is interactive.  The water fountain is at ground level and shoots water up …Continue Reading Here…

Pretty Weed

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Today’s Photo:  Pretty Weed

The are a lot of fences in the country.  Sometimes mile and miles.  If you have ever ridden a tractor to mow a field, you know that getting right up to the fence is an impossibility.  Because it is impossible to mow close to the fence, it becomes …Continue Reading Here…

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