From the monthly archives: "June 2013"

The Ford Complex

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Today’s Photo: The Ford Complex

During my college years, I spent one year at Berry College.  I still can not get over the size of the campus and the beauty of the architecture.  A couple weekends ago, I took the family for some portraits.  Of course, I could not resist a few shots of my own.  This one is of the Ford Complex and a popular place to take photos.  Unfortunately, this was around high noon, so I did not get the reflections I wanted.  The center building is a gymnasium and the two buildings on each side are residence halls.

Belly of the Shuttle

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Today’s Photo: Belly of the Shuttle

Being a fan of flight and more so, space flight, I was fascinated by my visit to the space shuttle at the Udvar-Hazy portion of the Air and Apace museum.  I took several photos from the front of the space shuttle, but could not get enough of all the small details of this unique flying ship.  I shot this one of the ceramic composite tiles across the belly of the shuttle.  It is a true tribute to human ingenuity that someone could devise this process of adding thousands of tiles to an airplane to make it safe to reenter the atmosphere.

Series Photos:

I finally finished my seasons series of the Cabin by the Lake.  Not much changed between spring and summer other than lots more leaves.  I am hoping this winter will bring more snow.  I would like to get a little more white.

Summer by the Lake

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Today’s Photo: Summer by the Lake

This is the last photo in my Cabin by the Lake series.  I did not know how summer was going to turn out, but I thought it went well.  I was afraid there was going to be too much foliage on the trees, but you can still see the cabin.

Garlic Bulb and Butterfly

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Today’s Photo: Garlic Bulb and Butterfly

For the past three years, I have tried my hand at gardening.  Some people would call it a small farm since it is a half acre.  One of the tricks that I have heard from some of the other gardeners is that you can plant garlic around the garden to keep deer out.  It did not work for me.  I resorted to a couple farm dogs in the area fenced for the garden.  However, it is pretty neat to see the garlic sprout, grow this long stalk and ball like flower on top.  I just happened to catch this one with a visitor.

If you click on the photo, you can see the additional visitors along the base of the individual little flowers.  They are the little black dots.

Under the Water

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Today’s Photo: Under the Water

I was walking through the creek the other day and saw this leaf.  The interesting thing about the leaf is that it was at the top of a small set of rapids.  This leaf was sucked down to the bottom and was not moving at all.  I set the shutter just long enough to get some cool water movement and light reflections.

 Light Painting

Yesterday, I wrote about light painting.  It was kinda interesting when I was reading SLR Lounge this morning and ran across a post about Darius Twin.  What an amazing artist.  I tried all day long to get by the store and get a couple LED lights for some light painting.  Instead, I was in such a hurry to get the sunset, I forgot them.  Oh well.  Just go enjoy Darius’ work for now.

Mount Cartersville

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Today’s Photo: Mount Cartersville

I had seen this large mound of earth near the north side of Cartersville numerous times.  I had thought about stopping and seeing the view from the top, but never decided to.  I had seen a few photos of sunset by Stephen Cameron and thought they were pretty cool.  He is the first person that I heard call this place Mount Cartersville.  I finally decided to stop this past evening.  I thought the sunset was average, but it was a pretty nice place for a quick stop.

Light Painting

Today’s Photo: Light Painting

Saturday night, I was called by my brother and asked if the kids wanted to play with some glow sticks.  I thought it would be a great time for some interesting photos.  Instead of light sticks, we had glow necklaces, bracelets and emergency flashlights.  I decided to have a little fun with the emergency flashlight.  One side is a glow stick, whistle and the other side is a small led flashlight.  For this shot, I turned on both the flashlight and glow stick.  I did not have much trouble remembering where I ran the glow stick for multiple passes.  I can still see the led light burned into my retina.

Stairway into Darkness

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Today’s Photo: Stairway into Darkness

Most of the time when you think of a stairway into darkness, it is going down.  This one was not though.  I was strolling along the banks of the river in Rome, Georgia, when I ran across this.  the light post in the middle of the stairs was so bright, that you could not see anything beyond.  The light color was horrible, but made the contrasts stand out that much more.

First Day of Summer

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Today’s Photo: First Day of Summer

Summer has officially begun.  I took this photo yesterday morning.  Just a few hours after the summer solstice.  It was cool, partially cloudy and the sun was just above the horizon. Hopefully it is not going to be too hot this summer. If yesterday is any indicator, it should be just right.

Old Glory

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Today’s Photo: Old Glory

One of the most widely known symbols of a country is its flag.  The flag of the United States is the Stars and Bars, or sometimes called Old Glory.  Old Glory has flown for the past couple hundred years and is a symbol not only of the United States, but also of freedom.  Its nice to have the freedom to fly this anytime I want.

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