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Rocky Point from Fall Creek Falls

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Today’s Photo: Rocky Point from Fall Creek Falls

When I went to Fall Creek Falls State Park in Tennessee, I decided to take the short hike around the gorge trail.  The start of it was at the Fall Creek Falls Overlook.  It starts by following the gorge that Fall Creek Falls tumbles into.  There is one point that gets very close to the edge.  I saw some birds that were roosting near the top of the falls and decided to try to get a shot of them.  In order to do that, I had to take this little side trail that got real close to the edge and I found this dead tree.  I’m just glad I’m not too afraid of heights.

Purchase: A Crane

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Today’s Photo: A Crane

I was on the beach watching this crane.  At least, I think it is a crane.  I was trying to sneak up on it and get a few good close-ups when it decided to fly off.  This was one of the shots I got after it took to wing.  It came back a little while later and I was able to get a few shots of it perching on top of the jetty.

The Writing Spider

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Today’s Photo: The Writing Spider

This evening my older brother decided to point out a writing spider on some steps on the property.  Of course, I had to get the camera out.  It was a good opportunity to get out the macro extension tubes.  Talk about getting up close and personal.  With all four extension tubes and the 50mm lens, the face of the spider took up the whole viewing port, and it was only about 2 inches from the end of the lens.  It is a manual focus set and I’m still working with it.  Although I had the extension tubes, this shot with just the raw 50mm turned out best.

Platt Gardens Waterfall

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Today’s Photo: Platt Gardens Waterfall

Last year, I had the good fortune to spend a little time in Boise Idaho.  One of the places I got to visit was Platt Gardens.  The gardens are situated on top of a hill overlooking downtown Boise and just in front of the Boise Depot.  The Koi Ponds and flowing waterfalls made it beautiful.  I can understand why the Depot and Gardens are frequently used for weddings.

Sunset by the Barn

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Today’s Photo: Sunset by the Barn

One of our local barns was the right spot for some sunset shots the other day.  I didn’t get much of the barn because this was the best angle, but it still made it off the side.  The sunset looked better than the barn though.

Light up the Dark

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Today’s Photo: Light up the Dark

I went out Friday night to watch the Perseids meteor shower.  I took photos for a couple hours and unfortunately, I did not get a single meteor.  I did see three though.  While I was trying to decide what angle to shoot from, I took this shot just for fun.  it is a 7 1/2 minute exposure at ISO 200.  It was pitch black.  For the gazebo, I walked along it with a very bright LED flashlight.  At the end, I shined it into the gazebo to make it glow.  I thought it turned out good.

In the Tree

Today’s Photo: In the Tree

This summer, my focus has not been on landscapes like it has been in the past.  I have been having tons of fun with portraits.  So, I was not very surprised on vacation when my little one piped up and asked for a portrait.  She had seen this tree we were walking past and wanted to climb into the branches.  She is a natural at posing and all I had to do was snap.  This was one of many I took of her in that tree.

Farm Equipment

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Today’s Photo: Farm Equipment

Harvest has come for many of the local farms.  There is one that I pass regularly and have always wondered what they were growing.  It seems that each year it is something different.  Last year, there were bright yellow flowers and then this year, they were bright purple.  I’m sure they are not the same thing.  I was passing by the fields and noticed this large piece of equipment sitting for several days.  I finally had the opportunity to stop and get a shot of it.

Eden Gardens State Park

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Today’s Photo: Eden Gardens State Park

I enjoy getting to go to parks.  There is either some beautiful landscape that has been protected and set aside for the general public, or there is some historical significance to the location.  At Eden Gardens State Park, those both merge for a beautiful historic house and landscape.  The main attraction is the Wesley House.  However, the landscaping is beautiful too.

Lack of Time

So, I took vacation and then the world fell apart.  Between cut internet lines and getting children to school, I have lost this past month and have had the worst time keeping up with posts.  I’m hoping that it will start getting back to normal now.

Watching the Waves

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Today’s Photo: Watching the Waves

I’m sure that when you live by the ocean, you take it for granted.  I know that living in the mountains, I take them for granted.  So, when I get a chance to go to the beach, I like to spend time relaxing and just enjoying it.  Not that I get to do much of that with two children.  This was not one of those times.  Right before this, I took a stingray barb to the leg.  I lived and did not let it get in my way of getting some good shots.  Now I know the feeling people get when vacations attack.

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