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Laurel Creek Road Cascade

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Today’s Photo: Laurel Creek Road Cascade

My family history goes back through East Tennessee and the Smoky mountains.  This past weekend, I took the family through Cades Cove in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  We took Laurel Creek Road from the Townsend Tennessee area into Cades Cove.  This was one of the many cascades along the creek.

Home Improvement

Today’s Photo: Home Improvement

Some of my most memorable times in my life have been as a result of home improvement projects.  I have been fortunate enough to have a father that is well versed in construction and home improvement.  So, why not mix it and photography a little.  The other weekend, we were working on a room and had to go get parts.  It was getting close to sunset and I found this great big puddle near the corner of the store.  I could not resist.

Tennessee Gate

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Today’s Photo: Tennessee Gate

For the next few weeks, I am in East Tennessee.  I was watching the clouds the other day and thought it would be a good time to go find someplace to take sunset photos.  I took a jaunt out Tennessee 62 with the intent of making it to Frozen Head State Park.  Unfortunately, the park was closed by the time I got there.  That was because I was busy stopping every quarter mile to take photos.  This was a gate I found just as the sun was setting.

Harbin Clinic

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Today’s Photo: Harbin Clinic

The parking lot I stopped in for the Sunset Island shot was the Harbin Clinic.  I took this just a few minutes before.  It had rained most of the day and the puddles were perfect for reflections.  This one just happened to be in the perfect spot.

L&N Train Depot

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Today’s Photo: L&N Train Depot

Etowah Tennessee is not a large town.  In fact, from all appearances, it seems to be on the list of endangered southern railroad stops.  That is made more apparent by the Historic L&N Train Depot.  I was actually surprised to find the rail yard behind the depot quite full.  I did stop long enough to get a shot of the historic caboose and this shot of the depot.

The Pirate Ship

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Today’s Photo: The Pirate Ship

I believe this pirate ship has a daily routine.  Either that, or they were making a pass just for me… Both days we happened to be at St. Andrews State Park.  I knew when I saw this ship traveling through the bay, it was going to the end of the pass and turning around.  That meant it would be coming by me again.  I made my way as rapidly as I was able to across the large jetty rocks just in time to see it sailing by.  Then it went through it’s routine of firing a cannon to scare all the beach goers.

Sunset Island

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Today’s Photo: Sunset Island

The last day of summer went out with a bang here in North Georgia.  For most of the morning, it rained and rained.  In fact, it was raining so much that I spent nearly all day inside.  It had nothing to do with my home improvement projects.  They were my wife’s.  However, we made it out just before sunset and I was treated to some beautiful colors on the way home.  I happened to stop at a nice empty parking lot with a decent angle for some of the sunset.

A Little Bench

Today’s Photo: A Little Bench

On our way up from the base of Fall Creek Falls, I ran across this bench.  It was so inviting, after one heck of a walk.  However, I did not stop for anything other than a photo.  By the time I got to the top, I was wishing I had stopped.

Summer Break

Today’s Photo: Summer Break

For Father’s Day, all I asked for was a photo trip.  I asked my wife to figure out a place we could take the kids and a couple outfits that we could change them into while shooting.  She decided for us to go to Berry College and she picked more than enough outfits.  At the last minute I decided to grab a few props, which included a couple books.  We found this stairwell for a break from the blazing sun.  It did not take any prompting from me to get them to pose like this.  Unfortunately, I wish I could have gotten them to read the books as diligently.

In the Window

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Today’s Photo: In the Window

Walking through downtown Etowah Tennessee did not take very long.  Most of the buildings are vacant and beginning to become run down.  I saw a door that I wanted to get a shot of down a side street.  I rapidly noticed that the rear of the buildings were even less maintained than the front.  I took photos of the door and this window which was just beside it.  Unfortunately, many of the old towns in America are beginning to look like this.

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