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Debord Falls

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Today’s Photo: Debord Falls

Several weeks ago, I made the trek to Frozen Head State Park.  Fortunately, this time, I made it before the park closed.  My goal was to make it to Debord Falls and then on to Emory Gap Falls.  I stopped by the visitor center and was told that the flow for the waterfalls was low.  I expected this since it was fall.  However, I was not prepared for water levels this low.  I am glad I made the hike, but will definitely not take the time during the fall again.

A Fence in the Cove

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Today’s Photo: A Fence in the Cove

I love to visit Cades Cove.  It is like a step back into the frontier times for this country.  However, with such a popular place near so much populace, it can get mighty crowded.  I took advantage of one of the traffic stops to get this shot of the mountains.  It is not often you get to see a large valley like this in the Appalachin Mountains.

The River Railroad

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Today’s Photo: The River Railroad

Most of the time I go exploring on my own or with my family.  When I am by myself, I tend to get lost in my own world.  When with my family, I am worried about having fun with everyone and don’t pay as much attention to photography.  Going out with other photographers is something that I rarely get to do, but have so much fun.  I stopped to get a shot looking the other way down these tracks, but changed my focus when the person I was shooting with started taking photos this direction.  It turned out to be a great composition.

Sun Dappled Creek

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Today’s Photo: Sun Dappled Creek

Shooting during midday sun can be a real pain in most situations.  However, it was just right shooting on Goforth Creek.  The gorge that the creek runs through is narrow and deep.  This causes almost not sun until it is high in the sky.  Just before noon though, it added just the right amount of light coming through the trees for a little light into the clear waters of the creek.

Sunset into Neyland Stadium

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Today’s Photo: Sunset into Neyland Stadium

Sometimes, the sun and clouds line up just right to make an interesting composition.  I decided to go out and take sunset photos on Knoxville.  I did some research on the sunset angles and the bridges on the Tennessee River in Knoxville.  I knew I wanted to set up on the Gay Street Bridge and shoot downriver.  I set up and began shooting and was surprised when I noticed that the sun was setting directly behind Neyland Stadium.  Moral of the story, when you research sunset and sunrise angles, look beyond the immediate surroundings.  Sometimes you get more than originally planned.

Stars Over the Clinch River

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Today’s Photo: Stars Over the Clinch River

I was out late several weeks ago and fortunately had a clear sky for some shooting of the stars.  I was near the Clinch River, just west of Knoxville and found a small park right on the shore.  I had been out earlier taking photos and ran my battery nearly out.  This was one of the last shots I got before it went dead.  This was a 60 second exposure using an intervalometer.

Pools on a Walkway

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Today’s Photo: Pools on a Walkway

I love to travel.  There are always interesting things to see that are “not at home” and that makes them exotic to me.  Even if it happens to be similar to something that I see a lot of the time.  A major part of the traveling for me is to fly.  I do my best to get flights that leave the ground just before sunrise, or take off just before sunset.  This gets me in the air while it is dark.  I love to see the pools of light below street lamps.  That was what this walkway at the Worlds Fair park in Knoxville reminded me of.

Clark Equipment

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Today’s Photo: Clark Equipment

It is rare that I run across anything with my first name.  A little less rare with my last name.  However, there is a line of fork lifts made by Clark Equipment.  I ran across this one on one of my recent adventures.  I love the texture of the metal and then the cut outs for the letters.

Cabin in the Mountains

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Today’s Photo: Cabin in the Mountains

Tucked into the mountains of East Tennessee, I found this little cabin.  It is not uncommon to find settings of this caliber all across Tennessee and North Carolina.  This one was just before sunset on one of my evening adventures.

A Bucket and Fire Hydrant

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Today’s Photo: A Bucket and Fire Hydrant

When I am out and about, I sometimes have to make the best of the landscape and elements that I can.  I was out several weeks ago and was watching a beautiful sunset develop.  I ran around like a crazy person looking for the right spot.  I was not prepared for the beauty of this sunset, or I would have been some place better.  However, I found this spot with a bucket and a fire hydrant.  It would make a dog proud.  On the other hand, I guess it is appropriate to put the cigarette butt can next to the fire hydrant.

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