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Country Store

Today’s Photo: Country Store

I drive through the Salacoa Valley on a regular basis and see this building.  I thought many times of stopping for a few shots, but never did.  That was until I got this shot.  The store is not open anymore, but it is maintained as you see it.  I miss seeing old country stores like this.


Today’s Photo: Droplets

Several days ago, I walked outside after it had rained.  There was just enough water left to bead up on the trim of the van.  Landscapes are great, but I’m really getting into some of these other realms of photography.

Perfect Colors

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Today’s Photo: Perfect Colors

One of my favorite things to do is learn.  I am always exploring new ideas and working out the kinks in stuff that I already know.  Photography happens to be my hobby and my sanity, so I am always trying to learn more.  That makes it interesting to periodically go back through my archive of photos.  Some photos I did not like at the time and now, do not see them the same.  I see the photos through new processing techniques.  That is what happened with this photo.

UT Football Fireworks

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Today’s Photo: UT Football Fireworks

The week before the University of Tennessee played Alabama, I was taking a walk around Knoxville.  I was taking photos around Neyland Stadium when I began hearing fireworks.  I made it to this spot just in time to get the last few minutes of the fireworks.  With the UT Football bus parked by the firework locations, I am assuming that it was a send off for the players, but I was never able to find out definitively. Talk about a fun run through the streets of Knoxville.  I’m just glad I did not get squished.

Through the Eyes of a Child

Today’s Photo: Through the Eyes of a Child

I am astounded with the creativity that I see in my children.  The best part of them is getting to see them experiencing things for the first time.  I took my old HP digital camera and let the children have it.  I did not keep track of them taking photos and did not encourage them to use it.  I just gave it to them.  Several weeks later, I silently reacquired it and took a look at the photos.  Unfortunately, if you took the photos of the television and put them into a movie, the Motion Picture Association of America would be knocking on the door.  Then I ran across this photo.  So, not only do they suggest shots and poses for me to take, they know their way around with a camera too.

– Photo credits to my oldest…

Along TN 62

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Today’s Photo: Along TN 62

I drove out Tennessee 62 a couple times from Oak Ridge to Wartburg.  I was timed it just right once to make it by this little lake near sunset.  I found a little drive into the field, parked and run up the road.  I was hoping no one would challenge me for stopping where I did.  I was not comfortable with where I stopped, so I made just a few quick shots.

Sunset Over the Brook

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Today’s Photo: Sunset Over the Brook

Finally, more than one day in a row of acceptable sunsets.  Hopefully this trend will continue for several months.  This is a small stream that crosses Salacoa Road.  I cheated and never got out of the car for this one.  If I have time one day, I’m going to get into the stream for a few photos.  The closer I can get to the water, the better the reflections.

Photoshop and Lightroom:

Adobe has announced a “Black Friday” deal for two programs that are great for photographers, Lightroom 5 and Photoshop CC.  It is only $9.99 / month for both.  This is for an annual commitment ($120 for the year) and I’m curious to see if the price goes up after that year.  Normally to get two programs through Adobe’s Creative Cloud, you have to pay about $50.00 / month.  You get access to all of them, but if you don’t used them all, it seems like a waste.  I’m not a fan of the subscription method, but at least I’ll always have the most up to date version.

Follow this link for the Black Friday deal.  Just make sure to do it before December 2.  Photoshop and Lightroom 5

An Old Ford

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Today’s Photo: An Old Ford

It has been a while since I visited Old Car City.  There are some many possibilities for photos there that a trip one or twice a year is good.  I am hoping that we can get some snow this winter.  I think it would be great for a good day trip and photos with the old cars.

Autumn Sunrise

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Today’s Photo: Autumn Sunrise

Unfortunately, this photo was taken about a month before fall officially started.  However, it felt like a fall day.  This is one of my favorite drives near home.  This is along the Salacoa valley in North Georgia.  During the summer, the sun rises just behind the farm house.  If you don’t believe in the tilt of the earth, just pay attention to the sunrise along this road.  Within a couple months, the sun goes from rising on the left side of the road to the right side of the road as seen from this vantage.  Makes for some interesting photos throughout the year.


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Today’s Photo: Poolside

A great feature of subdivisions and apartment complexes are the amenities.  Most have pools as the main amenity and the apartment complex in Knoxville that I stayed at was no different.  I was able to get a few shots of the pool area with no swimmers.  This is looking back toward the club house / office.

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