From the monthly archives: "January 2014"

Fire and Ice

Today’s Photo: Fire and Ice

When snowed in, what does a photographer, frozen lake and steel wool have in common?  A nice setting for a little light painting.  I was not sure how the ice would hold up when I started walking on the dock, but it held rather well.  I only heard it crack a couple times.  I guess the cold weather was good for something.

Freedom is not Free

Today’s Photo: Freedom is not Free

I found this monument in the Tennessee Veterans Cemetery in Knoxville.  It was among several others, but drew my eye more.  I was impressed by its simplicity and yet profound message.  Thank you to all those that have served and to those that paid for this freedom.

Wonderful Winter Weather

So, I’m a little late with today’s post thanks to this wonderful Georgia weather.  Thanks to the prediction of just a trace of snow, schools opened and people went to work.  A trace turned into 3 inches here rather rapidly.  Last time I remember this type of prediction was in 1993 and we ended up getting around a foot.  If you’re in the affected area, stay inside and warm.

Icicle Christmas Lights

Today’s Photo: Icicle Christmas Lights

I wish we had the weather we are having now at Christmas time.  I know that I live in a place where white Christmas’ are just a dream, but sometimes dreams happen.  This snow is just a few weeks late to have made that dream this time.

The Empty Patio

Today’s Photo: The Empty Patio

Along the front of the building at the Acworth Health Park, there was this small patio.  It was late when I went by, so I was able to get a few shots minus the people.  I did not stay long as it was one of the days Atlanta was colder than Anchorage, Alaska.

Icy Waterfall

Today’s Photo: Icy Waterfall

I was driving through Beasley Gap in North Georgia this last week.  Due to the unusually cold weather, the sides of the creek have been frozen.  The areas with small cascades have some neat ice formations.  I stopped for a few shots.  This was just one of the cascades.

Cold Water

Today’s Photo: Cold Water

In honor of the negative digit wind chills today, I am posting this photo from my December trek to the top of Blood Mountain.  This shot was along the creek that follows the Byron Reece trail.  I found a spot where there were a few icicles and the water was just right.  I’m glad I did not have to ford this creek, as it was really cold just taking photos beside it.

Banana He(art)

Today’s Photo: Banana He(art)

I was getting myself and the girls ready the morning while my wife was getting one of them a banana for breakfast.  I am all about peeling bananas from the non-stem side.  Watch monkey’s eat.  It is actually easier to peel the banana from that end.  Anyway, my wife does not prescribe to that method of extracting the banana; she peels from the stem.  This morning, she peeled it and it made a perfect heart shape in the peel.  I did not let my daughter eat it, but instead abducted it and took photos.  Of course she was allowed to eat it afterward.

The Painted Rock

Today’s Photo: The Painted Rock

Several weeks ago, we had rain; and then it rained and rained some more.  That led to me taking photos of some beautiful Teal Waters.  While I was walking around, my wife was standing on some rocks.  When I got near her, she pointed out how they had a rainbow sheen to them.  I set out to capture the rainbow.  Sounds easy, but everyone is after that pot of gold.  I was pleased with this one.

The Burning Circle

Today’s Photo: The Burning Circle

This was the very first steel wool light painting.  I thought I had framed the shot perfectly, but could not imagine how large an area that would be needed to capture all the sparks.  I thought it turned out acceptably well anyway.  Hopefully, I will get another chance to do this again soon.

The Sunsphere

Today’s Photo: The Sunsphere

This is another shot I took in Knoxville.  This was my second walk around town and was completely taken by surprise when I ran across the waterfalls and fountains here.  I had seen the Sunsphere on my first walk and made it my goal on the second.  I spent a decent amount of time walking through the park this night.  I just wish I had taken some shots of the Knoxville Convention Center.  It was all lit up that night and I made the assumption that it would be that was another night.  It was not.

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