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Today’s Photo: Cattails

Just north of the little town of Fairmount Georgia is a small swamp area.  I don’t make it past the swamp often and never seem to have time to stop.  Usually it is when there is a nice colorful sunset.  I made time to stop the other day and found these cattails that had made it through the winter.

Fog in the Morning

Today’s Photo: Fog in the Morning

I was driving through the Salacoa Valley one morning and ran across some very low hanging fog.  I drove around for a little while looking for a good shot.  I found this finger of fog drifting through a pasture and had to stop.

A Jasper Sunset

Today’s Photo: A Jasper Sunset

Well, it looks like the sunset season is going to be good.  At least that is for now.  We have had storms about once or twice a week and seem to be finishing just around sunset.  This one was not one of those days, but still had a few high flying clouds.

Snow on the Creek

Today’s Photo: Snow on the Creek

Another shot from my adventures along one of our local creeks during the snow.  About the time I was taking this, I could not feel my fingers.  I am surprised that I actually was able to work the camera.

Framed Sunset

Today’s Photo: Framed Sunset

In Cherokee County, there is a small area called carpenters flats.  My guess is there used to be a carpenter in that area.  There is a nice creek that runs through the area that would be perfect for a mill.  All that does not matter for this photo, but the location.  Just along the side of the road, I found this tree just in time to shoot the sunset.

An Orange Sunset

Today’s Photo: An Orange Sunset

It’s that time of year again when anything is possible.  Sunrise and sunset can either be great, or terrible from a photography standpoint.  I shot this one on the way home from hiking a couple weeks ago.  I hope I get more of these than the plain blue skies this year.

Dreaming of the Stars

Today’s Photo: Dreaming of the Stars

This past evening, I walked outside and looked up.  It instantly took me back to my childhood and watching the stars.  It is a sad thing when you realize that a childhood dream has become an impossibility.  Thankfully, other dreams have filled that space, so all is not lost.  A high pressure system had moved through during the day and the “seeing” was amazing.  Being this close to one of the largest cities in the world, there are not that many possibilities to see the stars so clear.  This shot is actually from the morning.  If it had been in the evening, the stars would have been washed out.  I was proud of this one – 500mm hand held.

Falany Hall

Today’s Photo: Falany Hall

I drive through Waleska, Georgia on a regular basis.  One of the things I get to see is Reinhardt University and Falany Hall.  The performing arts hall for the university.  I had never been inside it and got the chance not too long ago.  I took this shot from the balcony before the recital started.

The Haunted Hospital

Today’s Photo: The Haunted Hospital

Among my many adventures in Knoxville, there were several walks along the Tennessee River.  One of those happened to be well after dark and to retrieve the car for me to go pick up my fellow explorers.  Unfortunately, it took me a few minutes more to make it to them than it could have.  I made a stop at Volunteer Landing to get a few shots of the Baptist Hospital that overlooks the river.  The hospital is no longer in use and reminds me of the set from a horror film.  Not that they scare me, but it was good to have several hundred feet of water to get some good reflections.

Entrance to Thompson-Boling Arena

Today’s Photo: Entrance to Thompson-Boling Arena

I stopped for a quick shot while we were passing through the front entrance area to the Thompson-Boling arena on the campus of the University of Tennessee.  I had just taken some shots of fireworks that I believe were the send off for the Vols to go play Alabama last year and we were walking to Neyland Stadium.  Having never been inside the Thompson-Boling arena, I can only imagine what was in the space hovering above my head.  Thankfully, it did not fall on me.

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