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Garden Lights Path

Today’s Photo: Garden Lights Path

I am so excited, it is the start of Christmas Lights season.  No, this is not from this year.  However, I can’t wait to make some memories of lights this year.  This is from the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, Garden Lights display a couple years ago.  I think my favorite from the gardens that time was the couple Admiring the Tree.

The Old and New

Today’s Photo: The Old and New

Fernbank Museum of Natural History in Atlanta is a pretty cool place.  Behind the museum proper, they have a series of trails and boardwalks.  I had to battle swarming bees to get to this place, but it was an interesting view of some old architecture and new.

Canopy Walk Lights

Today’s Photo: Canopy Walk Lights

One of the paths at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens is a walkway that goes through the canopy of the trees.  For the Garden Lights exhibit, they had wrapped many of the trees in Christmas lights.  My wife and kids had gone ahead and I was trying to catch up to them.  Unfortunately for them, it took me quite a while.  There were a few good compositions up here.

Standing over the Water

Today’s Photo: Standing over the Water

One thing I liked about the Garden Lights exhibit was the many pools that were around creating good reflections.  It helped that there was not much rain at the time I took these photos.  The I got the best of both worlds when it started raining.  Then I got the reflections from the walkways.

Sunflower Time

Today’s Photo: Sunflower Time

I have heard that there is a sunflower farm in the north Georgia area that is pretty vast and has some good looking plants.  I have not found it yet, but I was able to capture these bright flowers at the Garden Lights exhibit at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens.

Entrance to the Gardens

Today’s Photo: Entrance to the Gardens

Last winter is the first time I have been to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens.  We did not go for the normal flora, but instead for the Garden Lights exhibit.  As we were waiting on everyone to get ready to go into the park, I took a quick shot of the entrance landscaping.

Random Flower Bed

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Today’s Photo: Random Flower Bed

I think builders compete with each other to construct and decorate their buildings.  That includes the landscaping and sometimes they come up with some interesting stuff.  This was just a random flower bed in Midtown Atlanta.  I’m sure it has some significance since it was designed around a large statue looking thing.  I thought the flowers were more picturesque than the statue though.

The Peachtree

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Today’s Photo: The Peachtree

I’m not much for black and white photography.  However, as with everything else, there is a time for it.  I was not able to get much color in this since the brick was light colored and the light color was terrible.  It did have plenty of contrast for a nice black and white composure.

Going Up?

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Today’s Photo: Going Up?

I haven’t the slightest clue what the name of this building is.  It is located near the intersection of 14th street and Peachtree Street in Midtown Atlanta.  I thought the light running straight up the building was neat.  I was able to get one of the street lights in the right position that it looks as if something is about to shoot out the top.  I saw this and thought of many Star Trek inspired names for it.

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