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Today’s Photo: Fire!!!

Purely by accident did I run across this cannon demonstration.  I decided to take the kids for a short hike on Kennesaw Mountain Labor Day weekend.  As I got the little one in his backpack carrier, they announced the demonstration.  I wish they had fired the cannon more than twice.  This was the second.  Man was it loud too.  I think the boy is a future tanker or artillery man.  All he wanted to say after this was “Cannon” and “Boom Crash”.

The Foot Bridge

Today’s Photo: The Foot Bridge

I ran across this moss covered bridge while hiking at the trails at Sope Creek.  According to the carving at the head of the bridge, this was completed as an Eagle Scout project.  When I saw that, it reminded me of the time I had completing mine and the memories created.

Winter Stream

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Today’s Photo: Winter Stream

This is another shot from the Sope Creek area.  I found this little stream that was covered in fallen leaves that still had a little color.


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Today’s Photo: Twilight

I enjoy history.  That includes visiting historical monuments, museums and sites.  I believe there is so much to be learned from the past and taking that time also grows a sense of belonging in a person.  When I was in school, the teachers / professors would give numbers for the casualties in different wars.  It is not often that point can be driven home more than visiting one of the national cemeteries.  This shot is in the Marietta National Cemetery.

Where the Water Lands

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Today’s Photo: Where the Water Lands

This is another shot I took of one of the waterfalls in the Sope Creek area.  After all the rain, I think I may have to go back and see just how high the creek is running.  This is flowing over one of the old paper mill retention ponds.

Beside Still Water

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Today’s Photo: Beside Still Waters

This little lake drains into Sope Creek.  The sun was just getting above the trees and the water was very calm.  It was a very peaceful morning.  I only saw one other person the whole time I was out.  It may have had something to do with the cold.  This shot does not capture that very well.  Too bad I couldn’t get the lake with some snow on it.

Papermill Ruins

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Today’s Photo: Papermill Ruins

It is odd how ruins of a building can tell so much about what it used to be, but still leave out so much.  These ruins are just north of Atlanta and used to house a papermill.  There is not much left other than a few outer walls from the building and nothing of the inside rooms.  After having been inside manufacturing plants, it’s hard to believe that this would have been the equivalent many years ago.

Pearl Harbor Memorial

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Today’s Photo: Pearl Harbor Memorial

December 7, 1941… A day that will live in infamy.  A day when the country was taken by surprise and a sleeping giant was woken.  Unfortunately, it was at the cost of many lives, both the day of the attack and the years following.  This monument is in the Marietta National Cemetery.  It is sobering enough to see it situated among the hundreds of headstones.  I could not imagine seeing it sitting somewhere near battleship row and the remains of the ships sunk that day.

Winter Tree

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Today’s Photo: Winter Tree

It is interesting how every year, the leaves on trees dry up and fall off.  It makes for a beautiful display and a field day for photographers like me.  It is also interesting to see how many leaves dry up and remain on the trees from fall all through winter and fall off only because of the new leaves.  With as much bad weather as we have here during the winter, I don’t know how any can hold on that long.  I was out hiking several weeks ago and ran across this tree with a few leaves still hanging on.

The Cool Falls

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Today’s Photo: The Cool Falls

This is another shot I took of a small water fall near the old paper mill ruins on Sope Creek just north of Atlanta.  I wanted to get some shots of Sope creek also, but it had been raining for several days and the water was muddy.  It’s hard to believe that one of the largest cities in the United States is just a couple miles south of this point.  It’s nice to have these pools of tranquility in such a busy city.

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