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Master Lock

Today’s Photo: Master Lock

I found this master lock hanging on the side of an old building several years ago.  Unfortunately for the family, I have this habit of slamming on the breaks and stopping to take photos whenever we are driving some where.  Scheduling time to go take photos never works, so I think I will just go back to improvising.  Maybe it just has something to do with the creative side of my brain.  The creative side of my brain really kicked in on this photo; the colors and contrast for this image are fascinating to me.  I don’t think I could have had Sherwin Williams match the paint to the blue of the master lock if I had planned it.

There is something special about the old buildings that I run into in this area.  The combination of the weathered paint, wood, and rusted metal makes for some interesting combinations.  It is too bad a lot of these buildings are being removed to make way for future development.  I am not one to stand in the way of progress, but it sure does decrease the ability to find interesting old building to shoot.  I guess I’ll just have to find some other fun stuff for photos.  Maybe something some modern architecture?  Like Midtown in Atlanta or maybe a trip back to Chattanooga.

Barfield General Store

Today’s Photo: Barfield General Store

You can find some of the most interesting things if you get off the beaten path.  I found this driving Highway 9 in Alabama.  Obviously, it has been around a long time.  Since 1893 according to the sign.  You can only imagine the history for which this building has been present.

The Haunted Hospital

Today’s Photo: The Haunted Hospital

Among my many adventures in Knoxville, there were several walks along the Tennessee River.  One of those happened to be well after dark and to retrieve the car for me to go pick up my fellow explorers.  Unfortunately, it took me a few minutes more to make it to them than it could have.  I made a stop at Volunteer Landing to get a few shots of the Baptist Hospital that overlooks the river.  The hospital is no longer in use and reminds me of the set from a horror film.  Not that they scare me, but it was good to have several hundred feet of water to get some good reflections.

Barn and a Gate

Today’s Photo: Barn and a Gate

I was driving some back roads and ran across this little barn / falling down building and a gate.  I thought the surroundings were just perfect.  No one had kept up with the yard / landscaping and it fit real well with the dilapidated look of the building.

Art Under the Sunsphere

Today’s Photo: Art Under the Sunsphere

One evening in Knoxville, I went exploring and had some company.  We drove around for a little while before we found a parking garage beside Market Square and settled on starting there.  As soon as we got out of the car and began walking, I found this shot.  Initially, I was trying to get the sunset with the Sunsphere.  After a few minutes the sunset colors began to fade and I was left with this captivating scene.  I was explaining HDR and good situations to use it.  This was perfect with the bright interior of the building and the comparatively dark streets.

Barbed Wire

Today’s Photo: Barbed Wire

While I was out in the snow the other day, I stopped to take some photos of a couple of horses.  They posed for me for one or two shots.  Then this barn in the snow captured my attention.  It’s always a work in progress when you are on a farm.  The roll of barbed wire on the fence made me think of all the things I needed to do at home.  Glad I was able to take a few minutes before getting back to reality.  Which, of course, included some sledding with the kids.

L&N Train Depot

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Today’s Photo: L&N Train Depot

Etowah Tennessee is not a large town.  In fact, from all appearances, it seems to be on the list of endangered southern railroad stops.  That is made more apparent by the Historic L&N Train Depot.  I was actually surprised to find the rail yard behind the depot quite full.  I did stop long enough to get a shot of the historic caboose and this shot of the depot.

The Old Barn

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Today’s Photo: The Old Barn

This is another of the old barns that I have found recently driving around the North Georgia mountains.  I hate to see them in such disrepair.  Most seem to be like old horses put out to pasture.  On the other hand, I have to say they make for good subjects in the photography world.

The Ford Complex

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Today’s Photo: The Ford Complex

During my college years, I spent one year at Berry College.  I still can not get over the size of the campus and the beauty of the architecture.  A couple weekends ago, I took the family for some portraits.  Of course, I could not resist a few shots of my own.  This one is of the Ford Complex and a popular place to take photos.  Unfortunately, this was around high noon, so I did not get the reflections I wanted.  The center building is a gymnasium and the two buildings on each side are residence halls.

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