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The Sluice

Today’s Photo: The Sluice

There is a small park in Woodstock, Georgia called Olde Rope Mill Park where there are ruins of an old mill.  This was the sluice from the dam to the factory ruins.  You can still see the diversion gates in the wall of the sluice.  I made my way to the other side, which is the middle of the river by way of a small concrete whcih you can see in the distance.

Little Wesser Falls

Today’s Photo: Little Wesser Falls

I spent many of my growing years kayaking the various rivers across North Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina and various other places.  One of the coldest rivers that I have ever paddled was the Nantahala River in North Carolina.  The biggest waterfall that most boaters run on the Nantahala River is Little Wesser Falls, or Nantahala Falls.  I probably spent as much time below water here as I did above water.

Under the Bridge

Today’s Photo: Under the Bridge

I found this interesting shot where the Chattahoochee River flows under Main Street in downtown Helen, Georgia.  I took this while walking around the day after hiking to Upper Desoto Falls.

The Stacked Rocks

Today’s Photo: The Stacked Rocks

I still haven’t figured out if this is a “thing” or if it is just kids playing in the water.  However, I frequently find rocks stacked along rivers when I go hiking.  I found this one on the trail to Indian Creek Falls.  It reminds me of a few previous places I have visited, like Middle Creek Falls.

The Sinks

Today’s Photo: The Sinks

Having a large portion of my family come from East Tennessee, it is not unusual for us to make trips though the Great Smoky Mountains.  One of the places my Dad talks of growing up is the Little River and the Sinks.  It happens to be a great place to stop when driving through the mountains, but be careful as it is extremely dangerous.

Drift Wood

Today’s Photo: Drift Wood

North Georgia is full of very beautiful streams.  I found this piece of drift wood gracing the bank of one.  After all the rain lately, I am sure it has made a new home downstream.

Teal Waters

Today’s Photo: Teal Waters

About a week ago, we had some massive rains over about a 24 hour period.  I think we ended up with around 5 inches of rain total.  It caused Salacoa Creek to rise extremely high.  Once the waters came down, there was a small area that had waters that looked like pure teal.

Is that Water

Today’s Photo: Is that Water

My children and I were hiking up Goforth Creek at the end of the summer.  It runs into the Ocoee River and for the first several hundred yards, has some really good waterfalls.  After that, it levels out and has just some small shallow rapids with the occasional cascade.  This was one point where all three of us were wading.  I saw how clear the water was just before entering this shallow area.  It was so clear that the depth of the water is deceiving.

Rock Formations

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Today’s Photo: Rock Formations

It is intriguing to go some place and run across things that can not occur naturally in nature.  When I went to Middle Creek Falls, that is precisely what I found.  Not only did I run across this stack of rocks, I ran across another at the top of the falls.  I am assuming that there had not been any significant rainfall recently.  I wonder if it ever gets enough rain to wash these away.  It reminds me of another rock mound that I went by on the way to the top of Tom, Dick and Harry Mountain.

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