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Pink Tulip

Today’s Photo: Pink Tulip

This was another shot I got from the Smith Gilbert Gardens.  I was walking around and ran across this small bed of tulips that were beginning to bloom.  I thought having all the other tulips in the background made for a good photo.

Flower in the Garden

Today’s Photo: Flower in the Garden

I seem to have put my life on hold for the last two weeks and it only looks to be getting busier.  However, I was able to get by the Smith Gilbert Gardens again a couple weekends ago.  This time, the roses were beginning to bloom and some of the other flowers.  I have no idea what this flower was as it had no marker.  It was beautiful though.


Today’s Photo: Bluebells

Unfortunately, most of the flowers had not started blooming at the Smith Gilbert Gardens while we were there.  I noticed this little bluebell along one of the trails and it was lit just right by the sun.  I wish I could find a field of these in the Southeast, but I am still looking.

Field of Flowers

Today’s Photo: Field of Flowers

With all the snow we have had lately, today and yesterday were quite a change.  70 degree weather just a week after several inches of snow and ice.  Only in Georgia can you find that.  In honor of the warm days, I went back through some older stuff and found this field of yellow flowers.

Snow White

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Today’s Photo: Snow White

Flowers are some of the best subjects for photos.  I found this one in the yard.  I don’t know what kind of flower it is, but it is yellow.  With the good contrasts, I thought it would make for a good black and white.

Garlic Bulb and Butterfly

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Today’s Photo: Garlic Bulb and Butterfly

For the past three years, I have tried my hand at gardening.  Some people would call it a small farm since it is a half acre.  One of the tricks that I have heard from some of the other gardeners is that you can plant garlic around the garden to keep deer out.  It did not work for me.  I resorted to a couple farm dogs in the area fenced for the garden.  However, it is pretty neat to see the garlic sprout, grow this long stalk and ball like flower on top.  I just happened to catch this one with a visitor.

If you click on the photo, you can see the additional visitors along the base of the individual little flowers.  They are the little black dots.


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Today’s Photo: Echinacea

This is another of the flowers on the property.  I had no idea what type of flower it is.  That is, until Google.  I guess this is the most known flower with pink petals and an orange center.  Regardless of the name, it is still a beautiful flower.

The Clematis

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Today’s Photo: The Clematis

The previous owners of the property where I live enjoyed planting flowers, but not of the annual variety.  So, every spring, I get to see many flowers blooming.  The way they planted the flowers, there are blooms of different kinds, one after the other.  This is a clematis.  It is neat to watch it grow every year from under the ground, flower and then die off in the winter.

May Flowers

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Today’s Photo: May Flowers

April showers truly do bring May flowers.  I took this on May 5.  Just a few days ago, this field did not hold a single flower.  In the span of a few days, and several inches of rain, these sprouted.  Now it is time to go search for some more.

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