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Fireworks Over Lake Allatoona

Today’s Photo: Fireworks Over Lake Allatoona

It has been several years since my schedule has allowed me to make it to the Allatoona Yacht Club fireworks display.  I made it to the shore of the lake a little later than I wanted and had to settle for a view further from the parking lot.  However, I was still able to get a good angle to watch the show and get a few good shots as well.

Moon in the Middle of Nowhere

Today’s Photo: Moon in the Middle of Nowhere

The Pacific Northwest has to be one of the prettiest places that I have visited.  Since I am not from that area, I lump Idaho into the Pacific Northwest.  If I offend anyone… Sorry.  That does not take away from it’s beauty though.  This shot is from just outside Idaho City, Idaho.  I took a quick drive there one afternoon.  I know I should not have been, but I was surprised by how fast you go from urban to rural.  I guess being from near one of the largest cities in the United States, I have a sort of twisted perspective.  When we go from downtown and travel an hour, you are still in a major suburban setting with very few pockets of rural.

Raspberry PI Projects:

The past few weeks I have been working diligently on a project for my Raspberry PI computer.  I have been setting it up as a web server to operate a switch which can be used for anything that you want to turn on and off.  Finally, I have finished and it is operational.  My next projects for it are to make a stepper motor and camera controller for time-lapses.  Maybe I won’t pursue it in such an all encompassing way.

The Good Life

Today’s Photo: The Good Life

This little house sits on a small lake near the edge of Calhoun Georgia.  I was surprised when I saw it the other day.  It is along a road that I had driven hundreds of times before.  It reminds me of a little cabin in the middle of nowhere and many summer nights sitting on the porch watching the rain.

Fire and Ice

Today’s Photo: Fire and Ice

When snowed in, what does a photographer, frozen lake and steel wool have in common?  A nice setting for a little light painting.  I was not sure how the ice would hold up when I started walking on the dock, but it held rather well.  I only heard it crack a couple times.  I guess the cold weather was good for something.

Wheel of Fire

Today’s Photo: Wheel of Fire

In the words of my oldest child, “OMG!!!”  This was such a hit with the family.  No need for fireworks here when we have real fire to play with.  I have always admired fire dancers, but never had the desire to try it.  I don’t really know why because I have an affinity for fire.  So, this was really neat and a great way to end 2013 and ring in 2014.  SAFETY is a must with this and I am so glad to have had such a perfect place for this to be done safely.

The Dock and Gazebo

Today’s Photo: The Dock and Gazebo

Last week it rained something fierce.  In the end, we had around 5 inches of rain in about 24 hours.  I was watching the lake and something just did not looks right.  I went to investigate and thought that it was high enough that I believed it should be draining, but was not.  I turned off the aerator and shortly after, the lake started draining.  I forgot to turn it on and the calm following the storm made the lake almost perfectly still.

Along TN 62

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Today’s Photo: Along TN 62

I drove out Tennessee 62 a couple times from Oak Ridge to Wartburg.  I was timed it just right once to make it by this little lake near sunset.  I found a little drive into the field, parked and run up the road.  I was hoping no one would challenge me for stopping where I did.  I was not comfortable with where I stopped, so I made just a few quick shots.

Fall on the Lake

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Today’s Photo: Fall on the Lake

One of the best parts of living in the country is the lake.  During the summer, I can go swimming when I want.  Sometimes during the winter it will freeze over and get snow on it.  I haven’t tried ice skating.  I’m pretty sure I would fall through.  The fall happens to be the prettiest though.  Almost the entire property is hardwood trees, so the colors are gorgeous during the fall.  I stopped for this shot on the lake a couple weeks ago.

Spring at the Cabin

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Today’s Photo: Spring at the Cabin

This has been the first year in many that we have had a true spring.  Most years it goes straight from winter to summer.  This gradual change has given me an opportunity to capture a local cabin for three seasons now.  I have Fall, Winter and Spring.  Hopefully, Summer this year will lend itself to making the last photo.

Beside Still Water

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Today’s Photo: Beside Still Waters

This little lake drains into Sope Creek.  The sun was just getting above the trees and the water was very calm.  It was a very peaceful morning.  I only saw one other person the whole time I was out.  It may have had something to do with the cold.  This shot does not capture that very well.  Too bad I couldn’t get the lake with some snow on it.

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