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A Roaming Gnome

Today’s Photo: A Roaming Gnome

I took my kids to spend a couple hours exploring Smith Gilbert Gardens in Kennesaw Georgia.  One of the highlights of our trip was the scavenger hunt for places that Hootie Owl had been photographed.  One of the places we found that Hootie had been photographed was near a Rose Compass and in the middle I found this little gnome.  I think he was trying to decide which way to go.

Ice and Life

Today’s Photo: Ice and Life

The last several weeks have brought some blisteringly cold weather to a normally mild area of Georgia.  I shot this literally on the side of a mountain.  Luckily for me, it was at the base of a small cliff and I had a little room to stand and set up the tripod.  I was taking some shots at the base of a small waterfall and thought I could climb to the top.  Probably not the smartest thing I have done, but it turned out some good photos.


Today’s Photo: Droplets

Several days ago, I walked outside after it had rained.  There was just enough water left to bead up on the trim of the van.  Landscapes are great, but I’m really getting into some of these other realms of photography.

Morning Dew

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Today’s Photo: Morning Dew

I woke earlier than anyone else in the house yesterday.  I was watching the fog drift across the lake and thought I would go see what I could find.  After having so much fun getting some macro photos the other evening, I decided I would try to get a few shots of dew covered spider webs.  Unfortunately, I did not find any webs that would work.  I was able to find a few leaves with dew though.

Bubble Reflections

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Today’s Photo: Bubble Reflections

I was working on photos the other evening when my youngest came into the house telling me to get my camera and follow her.  Of course I had to follow.  When I got outside, she grabbed a bubble wand and began making bubbles.  It was fun to spend a little while learning how to get these things up close.

Santa Christina

Today’s Photo:  Santa Christina

I decided the other day to try out some depth of field and lighting adjustments.  I was able to use just an incandescent light bulb for this shot.  I set the f-stop, 5.6, as wide as I could get it at 105mm.  This was not that tricky, but needed a tripod for the one second long shot.  This weekend being memorial day, I may try to get some more close up shots instead of the wide angles I am used to taking.

The Blue Bracelet

Today’s Photo:  The Blue Bracelet

At Thanksgiving I learned that one of my relatives has started making jewelry.  I was asked to take a few photos and must confess that I had never thought of jewelry photography.  I had zero information about the how and no special equipment.  I was just armed with …Continue Reading Here…

Name that Lily

Today’s Photo:  Name that Lily

I have had this photo for quite a while now.  Where I live now, the previous owner had a flower garden.  I am not good with flower names, so I asked my wife what this was.  She immediately identified it as a lily, more …Continue Reading Here…

Pointy Flower

Today’s Photo:  Pointy Flower

When I first started into photography, I was a macro photography flower type of shooter.  I have found I am drifting …Continue Reading Here…

I was able to find a few minutes to process some recent photos since yesterdays post.  I said I would begin a series on “finding the small things”.  This is my first experiment in actually looking for the small shot.  I have taken a few in the past, mostly flowers, which turned out good, but at the time, I was not specifically looking for a close-up shot.

I was taking sunset photos the other night when I began looking at the gate on the other side of the road.  Now, I have a fascination with gates for some reason, but I noticed a blue color on this one that really stood out.  I approached it and noticed the lock on the gate was a Master lock.  (Enter time for “finding the small things”) Ignoring the beautiful sunset…photos yet to come…I set the tripod up.  Let me know what you think.

The Master Lock


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