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The Infantryman

Today’s Photo: The Infantryman

I spent a couple hours walking through the National Infantry Museum at Fort Benning.  It is a sobering experience walking through the hall of the museum and seeing the history of infantry in the United States.  This shot is of the Infantryman statue that sits under the rotunda at the entrance to the museum.

The Old and New

Today’s Photo: The Old and New

Fernbank Museum of Natural History in Atlanta is a pretty cool place.  Behind the museum proper, they have a series of trails and boardwalks.  I had to battle swarming bees to get to this place, but it was an interesting view of some old architecture and new.

The Old Cells

Today’s Photo: The Old Cells

150 years ago, after the end of the Civil War, Fort Pulaski was turned into a prison for Confederate prisoners.  The spaces in the walls for the cannon were closed off and used for housing the prisoners.  This is a shot looking into the prison cells.

Entrance to the Booth

Today’s Photo: Entrance to the Booth

The Booth Museum is a unique museum.  It is the only Western museum in the Southeastern United States.  This is the main entrance as seen from the second story of the museum.  I was rather impressed with the amount of artwork that the museum housed.  According to it’s website, the museum is the second largest art museum in Georgia.  From the statues to the paintings, nearly every aspect of western life is depicted.  When you get a chance, it is well worth the visit.

Photoshop and Lightroom:

Adobe has announced a “Black Friday” deal for two programs that are great for photographers, Lightroom 5 and Photoshop CC.  It is only $9.99 / month for both.  This is for an annual commitment ($120 for the year) and I’m curious to see if the price goes up after that year.  Normally to get two programs through Adobe’s Creative Cloud, you have to pay about $50.00 / month.  You get access to all of them, but if you don’t used them all, it seems like a waste.  I’m not a fan of the subscription method, but at least I’ll always have the most up to date version.

Follow this link for the Black Friday deal.  Just make sure to do it before December 2.  Photoshop and Lightroom 5

An Old Ford

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Today’s Photo: An Old Ford

It has been a while since I visited Old Car City.  There are some many possibilities for photos there that a trip one or twice a year is good.  I am hoping that we can get some snow this winter.  I think it would be great for a good day trip and photos with the old cars.

Jetstar 2

Today’s Photo: Jetstar 2

The Wright brothers helped start the air revolution.  Now you can find planes with advanced avionics and they are extremely aerodynamic.  Not much like the wood and cloth flyer they started with.  This happens to be the cockpit portion of a Lockheed Jetstar 2 that sits in the Tellus museum just outside Cartersville Georgia.

Independence Day

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Today’s Photo: Independence Day

July 4, 1776: 56 members of a continental congress signed the declaration of independence marking the United States separation from Great Britain.  That started the rise of a great nation founded on the principle that “all men are created equal”.  I know that most people will be very busy today and I hopefully will be too, but take a minute to stop and read this document.  Even if you are not from the United States, it would still be a good read.

I just hope the rain will hold off for some good firework photos.

Afternoon at the Observatory

Today’s Photo: Afternoon at the Observatory

The grounds are so manicured at the Tellus Science Museum, that there are very few bad angles for photography.  I shot this one last spring on our first trip to the Tellus.  Since then, I have had the pleasure of visiting many times.  The best happen to be when this building is open.  Like it was for the National Astronomy Day.

The F4 Phantom

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Today’s Photo: The F4 Phantom

In the 1960’s, McDonnell Douglas introduced the F-4 fighter jet.  Commonly referred to as The Phantom.  This jet fighter was at the cutting edge of technology for the time and was supposed to keep the pilots more safe and away from the action.  So far away from the action that the geniuses that designed it decided not to include guns of any type on the original configuration.  Despite this lack, it was a major part of US air power during the modern jet era.

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