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The Fall Gate

Today’s Photo: The Fall Gate

Well, actually winter, but it could have been fall.  I found this taking a different route home in between the massive snow storms that we had this winter.  From what I have heard, there is supposed to be more cold weather.  Not snow mind you, but much colder than normal.  Even though the sky was bland this day, I was still able to find this nice pasture to frame the gate.

Another Random Gate

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Today’s Photo: Another Random Gate

When I am out photographing the countryside, I am usually driving and don’t get out of the car except for photos.  It seems that one of the easiest foreground elements to find in this area are gates.  So that started me looking for gates a long time ago.  They have so much character and each one, even though they may be of the same manufacture, is quite unique.

Tennessee Gate

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Today’s Photo: Tennessee Gate

For the next few weeks, I am in East Tennessee.  I was watching the clouds the other day and thought it would be a good time to go find someplace to take sunset photos.  I took a jaunt out Tennessee 62 with the intent of making it to Frozen Head State Park.  Unfortunately, the park was closed by the time I got there.  That was because I was busy stopping every quarter mile to take photos.  This was a gate I found just as the sun was setting.

An Updated Gate

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Today’s Photo: An Updated Gate

Over the last couple of years, I have passed this gate on a fairly regular basis.  I was kinda surprised when I saw the owners out several months ago putting up new fence (barbed wire) and fixing the gate posts.  Fortunately, updating the fence did not take away any from the beautiful sunrises I get to see occasionally.

Rolling In

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Today’s Photo: Rolling In

I don’t think the rain is ever going to stop this summer.  I guess that is a good change from the lack of rain we have had the past several years.  It has made for some good cloud formations.  This is one of the many storms we have had this year rolling in.

Light Fog and Clouds

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Today’s Photo: Light Fog and Clouds

On of the good things about having such a cool spring has been the abundance of foggy mornings.  The amount and thickness of the fog has not been that great, but most mornings it has been there.  I caught this just as the fog was burning off one morning at sunrise.

Waiting for the Gate

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Today’s Photo: Waiting for the Gate

I was near home the other morning, just at sunrise when I saw this cow just standing next to the fence.  It just happened to be right next to the gate between two pastures.  Most of the time, the gate is closed, but not that morning.  It was propped open.  However, it looked like the cow was confused by the lack of a closed gate.  Then I just looked at the sunrise and forgot about the cow.

Time Change

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Today’s Photo: Time Change

Finally, time has changed.  I am still not used to it, but now I will have many more hours of daylight for photography.  Not that everything else in life is going to get in the way.  The joy of children, a full time job, a wife and growing a rather large garden.  I would not give any of it up though.  They all make for too many photo opportunities.

Morning for a New Beginning

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Today’s Photo: Morning for a New Beginning

I have been trying for a while to decide what to post for today.  The reason… It has been two years since I started this Daily Photo Blog.  In the beginning, there were a few missed days, some rough times getting the motivation to keep going and bumps with managing the site.  However, over the last two years, most of those have been hammered out.

To begin year three, I get back to one of the gates that centered some of the most beautiful shots over the last couple years.  As with the photo being the dawn of a new day, this is the dawn of a new year and hopefully some new experiences for me and this site.

A Storm at the Gate

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Today’s Photo:  A Storm at the Gate

I have been spending so much time processing photos of Christmas Lights, that I have neglected to get some shots of gates up.  I haven’t had much time to go exploring for some new gates, not to mention the weather here has either been way to bad or nonexistent.  This shot I took a while back.  I was trying for a little closer perspective.

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