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Sony a7r:

I recently entered the world of full frame.  If I had known what I had been missing, I would have made the jump way before.  So far, there are a couple things that I wish were different shooting a mirrorless system, but the benefits way outweigh the cons.

You Gotta Be Kidding Me

Today’s Photo: The Boy

Between two girls and this boy, I haven’t had the time I used to have.  However, there is never a time that you can predict what he will do, say, or the look he will give you.  So, I couldn’t resist adding another photo of The Boy… Click Here to see…

Back at it:

So, the past couple of years has been quite busy.  Between the boy (and girls) and work, I have been slammed.  I haven’t stopped making memories, I just haven’t had the time to process and post them.  I hope to get that going again.


The Boys

Today’s Photo: The Boys

Snowday Portraits

Today’s Photo: Snowday Portraits

We have had two snow storms that have shut everything down for about a week each over the past month.  Fortunately, I have been able to spend a little time with my children out in the snow.  This was a quick shot I got just before we went inside one day.

The Christmas Day Hike

Today’s Photo: The Christmas Day Hike

I’m a little late today.  That’s okay after yesterday.  My oldest brother has decided that we need to take our dad on a hike through the Great Smoky Mountains.  I’ll not bore you yet with details, but as part of that, we have begun getting dad out and working on strengthening his legs.  So, yesterday (Christmas Day) we decided to take a little jaunt up Blood Mountain.  We took the trail up the North side of the mountain.  Arguably the hardest ascent of the Appalachian Trail in Georgia.  This shot is from the peak.  All 4450 or so feet.  Right around 2000 feet of ascent in a little over 2 miles.

Proud of you Dad!!!  At 72 not too bad…

The Weight of the World

Today’s Photo: The Weight of the World

Candid shots are by far my favorite in the portraiture realm.  People’s expressions and body language are not prepared and people do not try to act the way they want other people to see them.  Often times, that is completely different from how they really appear when their guard is down.  I took this candid while my youngest was wading through the “Tennessee” river that flows in front of the Tennessee Aquarium.  She is my thinker and often times, I catch her pondering what I can only believe she thinks are the woes of the world.

Through the Eyes of a Child

Today’s Photo: Through the Eyes of a Child

I am astounded with the creativity that I see in my children.  The best part of them is getting to see them experiencing things for the first time.  I took my old HP digital camera and let the children have it.  I did not keep track of them taking photos and did not encourage them to use it.  I just gave it to them.  Several weeks later, I silently reacquired it and took a look at the photos.  Unfortunately, if you took the photos of the television and put them into a movie, the Motion Picture Association of America would be knocking on the door.  Then I ran across this photo.  So, not only do they suggest shots and poses for me to take, they know their way around with a camera too.

– Photo credits to my oldest…


Today’s Photo: Intensity

This weekend, I decided to practice some studio photography.  Back in July, I purchased a set of wireless hot shoe flash triggers.  I already have a Nikon Speedlight and a Versalight studio light.  However, getting them to sync with the speedlight on the camera and as the trigger for the Versalight was near impossible.  Now with the flash triggers, they work perfectly.  This shot was just with the speedlight.  I did get to practice some product photography also.  Those are for a future time though.

Old Timers Day

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Today’s Photo: Old Timers Day

We were surprised when we went through Cades Cove.  Only two times a year, they have the grist mill operating and once a year, they have Old Timers Day.  Old Timers Day is when many of the Coves’ families return for the day.  They also have musicians playing all the old traditional instruments.  I was impressed with their abilities.  It did not look like many of them had played together before, but they did quite well.  I snapped this shot while enjoying the music.

Summer Break

Today’s Photo: Summer Break

For Father’s Day, all I asked for was a photo trip.  I asked my wife to figure out a place we could take the kids and a couple outfits that we could change them into while shooting.  She decided for us to go to Berry College and she picked more than enough outfits.  At the last minute I decided to grab a few props, which included a couple books.  We found this stairwell for a break from the blazing sun.  It did not take any prompting from me to get them to pose like this.  Unfortunately, I wish I could have gotten them to read the books as diligently.

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