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Light Painting

Today’s Photo: Light Painting

Saturday night, I was called by my brother and asked if the kids wanted to play with some glow sticks.  I thought it would be a great time for some interesting photos.  Instead of light sticks, we had glow necklaces, bracelets and emergency flashlights.  I decided to have a little fun with the emergency flashlight.  One side is a glow stick, whistle and the other side is a small led flashlight.  For this shot, I turned on both the flashlight and glow stick.  I did not have much trouble remembering where I ran the glow stick for multiple passes.  I can still see the led light burned into my retina.

A Proud Father

Today’s Photo: A Proud Father

I am a person who is not caught up on “things”.  That makes it very difficult when it comes to birthdays, Christmas, Fathers Day, Etc.  When asked what I want, my reply is almost always, “nothing”.  It drives my wife nuts and we have spoke of it in the past.  My response is that I would rather make memories than have stuff.  Hence this site.

So, for Fathers Day this year, I asked to take the kids on a photo shoot.  We went to Berry College, probably one of the most beautiful college campus’ in the world.  And of course, my wife made me get in a couple of the photos too.

Happy Fathers Day to all the fathers out there too!

Waiting for My Stop

Today’s Photo: Waiting for My Stop

It is rare that I go on photo trips with anyone else besides my wife and children.  So, I am taking photos of them more than myself.  When I go exploring on my own, I tend to find myself in places where I would like to have a photo of me.  With a good tripod and wireless remote, I am able to do it.  I got this shot in one of the buses near the back of Old Car City.

The Young and The Old

Today’s Photo: The Young and The Old

Family pets are members of the family.  They are no different than children and have their place.  Some have even been around longer than the kids have.  That is the case here.  My dad actually found this dog wandering along the side of the road when he could not have been more than a few weeks old.  Now, years later, he is still a part of the family.  I know he will not be around too much longer, so I know these times are very precious.

Light Play

Today’s Photo: Light Play

I have been trying out several different techniques for limiting and directing the amount of light that is captured by the camera.  Basic for most, but, none the less, important techniques to learn.  For this one, I got my models (hehehe), to lie in front of an open window.  I used no flash, closed the aperture to 7.1 and upped the shutter speed to 1/500.  It gave a good highlight to the feet and left out the background.


Today’s Photo: Mom

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there.  It is a special day for the one that carried and protected you for months before you were brought into the world.  It’s a good day to take a moment and thank them for just being Mom.  So, Happy Mother’s Day.

Retro Rain Day

Today’s Photo: Retro Rain Day

There is something special about getting to play in the rain.  When it is not too cold, I love to walk and let it wash over me.  You get the opportunity to loose the facade of being an adult and let the kid out that’s inside.  You can’t beat splashing in a big water puddle to give that little inner excitement.  As you can tell, I have no problem letting my kids enjoy a run in the rain.  You never know what childhood memories you may be able to capture.

I See You

Today’s Photo: I See You

I have the best time when the kids decide they want to get involved.  They make such good subjects for the camera.  I have such a hard time choosing what photos to share because there are so many.  This is just another one from our 50mm fun day.

Kiss Me, I'm Irish!

Today’s Photo: Kiss Me, I’m Irish!

There are days when I want to take photos of the kids and they are the worst subjects.  They will not stand still, I pose them and they move and they are usually in a foul mood.  Then there are those days that I run out of room on my memory cards.  Yes, all of them and I have several large ones.  I caught them in that mood the other day and decided to have a little 50mm fun.  This is one of the shots.

Multiple Personalities

Today’s Photo:  Multiple Personalities

On the north edge of Atlanta is the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area.  It encompasses about 50 miles worth of the river and some of the surrounding area part of that area is called Sope Creek.  There are old ruins of a paper mill right along the creek with many door and window frames still intact.  I decided to have  little fun.

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