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Kehoe House

Today’s Photo: Kehoe House

Having someone with local knowledge is tons of fun.  Especially in a city like Savannah.  There were so many stories that I could not remember them all.  At least I got the location right for this one.  I think my guide said something about this place being haunted, but I remember that about all the places we went.

A Piece of Trahlyta Falls

Today’s Photo: A Piece of Trahlyta Falls

A short hike around Vogel State Park brings you to this waterfall.  The best view is from the base of the falls, but it is easily visible from the road driving near the park.

Fire and Ice

Today’s Photo: Fire and Ice

When snowed in, what does a photographer, frozen lake and steel wool have in common?  A nice setting for a little light painting.  I was not sure how the ice would hold up when I started walking on the dock, but it held rather well.  I only heard it crack a couple times.  I guess the cold weather was good for something.


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Today’s Photo: Motion

I am always intrigued by how some of the settings on a camera can be used to capture motion in a two dimensional photo.  By simply slowing down the speed at which the camera takes the photo, you can capture what happens during more than just a split second of time.  Sometimes, you can even capture minutes worth of time and tons of motion.  This one is just .6 seconds long and look at the amount of movement in the water during that small time frame.

Middle of the Aquarium

Today’s Photo:  Middle of the Aquarium

I took this shot on our last visit to the Tennessee Aquarium.  I took one of the Aquarium Center during a previous trip.  However, I was not happy with the way it turned out.  I set out to get another one.  I once again set up …Continue Reading Here…

Today’s Photo (Video):  The View North

I have taken so many time lapses facing south and trying to get the Milkyway and planets that I have neglected the opposite side of the compass. I decided this past weekend, purely at the last minute, to set up for another few hour time lapse. My goal was to …Continue Reading Here…

Liberty Bell

Today’s Photo:  Liberty Bell

I spent a lot of time on the square in Marietta, Georgia, growing up.  It has changed a lot since then, but it is still the same.  Have you ever felt that way about some place?  I played on the train which is set up as a slide and for the kids to play on.  It was pretty neat to watch my children playing there also.  One of the things I did not remember was the Liberty Bell which is along the east side of the park.  It made for some great night time shots.  I was just glad the wind stopped for just a second that I could get the flag too.

The Red Gate

Today’s Photo:  The Red Gate

The time around sunset offers so many photographic possibilities that, for me, they are endless.  I really like the opportunities to photograph cloud movement and mix it with long exposure photography.  It makes the clouds streak across …Continue Reading Here…

Today’s Photo (Video):  The Drift of Orion

I was walking around the house the other evening and was greeted by this wonderful sight of the stars.  It was so clear I was able to see so much.  I decided to set up the camera for a time lapse and see what I could.  I knew Jupiter was …Continue Reading Here…

Sunset at the Gate

Today’s Photo:  Sunset at the Gate

I missed the sunset the other day, but I was able to make it to a good spot for some shots just after.  The sun was way below the horizon and just the smallest color was glowing like a line and the clouds were really moving across the sky.  I took my first shots before …Continue Reading Here…

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