Blueridge Sunrise


HLittle A browsing the mallave you checked out Instagram yet?  If you have not, it is a must have.  I downloaded it to the iPhone today.  So far, I have only found one  downside, only 15 in app filters.  However, they appear to be very open with their API and other camera apps are picking up in that area; one notable is 100camerasin1.  Instagram is easy to use, fast and it connects with facebook, flickr and twitter.  Check me out on instagram I am @darylclark.



Blueridge Sunrise

The jury is still out on whether I like the east coast or the west coast better.  I really love the size and vastness of everything on the west coast / west of the Mississippi, but I love the gentleness of the eastern mountains.  This was another shot from the top of Blood Mountain.  You can really see why it’s called the Blueridge Mountains.


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